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Rapier batteries and their use in 40k


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Snap shots aren't an issue, because no one Moves until their gun has already been destroyed. Three of the six crew Deploy out front, then each time a gun is taken down, the now extra crewman steps up front to protect the remaining guns, while their crewmembers stand still to fire.

Wounds are removed from via LoS, so if I deal 3 unsaved wounds from the front, then you have all three in the front deceased and no lost gun models.


Any movement from the remaining crew will cause the moving models to snapfire their guns (unless relentless, I think).

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Yes. And each of the others stands still until his gun has been destroyed, and then, when he has no Heavy Weapon to fire, moves out in front. First the three ablative dudes get killed. Then a gun is next in line. Once that's down, I have three crew and two guns, so I move the unnecessary crewman out in front, while the other two remain stationary to fire.

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