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Pathfinder RPG stuff?


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I have almost everything released for Pathfinder as of two or three years ago, so all the main books, most of the Ultimate books, the first three bestiary, and tons and tons of the Gamemastery stuff, plus a lot of the better 3rd party stuff (like Psionics Unlimited).  All this:




I'm not planning on ever running Pathfinder again, and would happily sell my collection to IF you'll take the whole thing and we can come to reasonable price.  But I don't want to sell the core books and be left with a bunch of supplements that aren't useful to me.  I'll have to sit down and work out a total price, but I'll  the hardcovers at 25% of cover and the softcovers at 10% of cover sounds reasonable to me.

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If you have the time to total it and figure stuff out, please consider me very interested!


I will gladly accept terms of your offer (i.e. the whole kit n' kaboodle) if you want to take the time to figure something out.  Just let me know and thanks for your consideration.


Stay safe,



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