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Anyone have any talent?


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So before I vacate the boards like my bowels after Panda Express, I want to reach out to anyone in the club and see if anyone has a talent, knack, or general love for any of the following:


Videographer - I.e) Filming, understanding best camera shots to get out of scene. Knows how to effectively operate a camera and tell a story through it.


Audio - I.e.) Understanding and implementing the use of various mics, from lavelier, to shotgun and has experience with sound capturing and editing, also with audio programs.


Video Editing - I.e.) Great with editing software and has a knack for piecing together clips to tell a story through dramatics, but mostly humor.


If anybody can or is interested in this please let me know. I am seeking some help for a project that is getting ready to move into the production stage and I could use some help with any of these. I can't say much without getting repeatedly stabbed to death via my counterpart, but this will be in regards to gaming in general. Again if anyone has the talent or passion hit me up. Pahleese.  

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I studied video production and editing years ago, and know the basics of all those areas.  And I can use the latest video editing software.  I'm not up on after effects  though, it's all changed a lot since the early 90s when I was in art school.  If you're looking to do YouTube quality video productions, I'm totally on top of that.  I've even got a lot of the equipment, though my gear is kind of potato quality.


I also know how to do most of your standard visual special effects, like wounds and gunshots, latex masks, that sort of thing.  I even invented my own design for a $30 squib.

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