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Fall 2015 Kings of War escalation league!

Don't Panic

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DP’s “Welcome to 2nd edition KoW Escalation League” Fall 2015

Supported by the awesome people at ordofanaticus!


First off, a small introduction and why you should play Kings of War!

  • If you like the fantasy-style, large-scale rank and file war game, this is for you!  (Especially if you have GW whfb/aos models that work perfectly along with mantic’s line of models)
  • Game is relatively easy to pick up yet there is a learning curve to ‘mastering’ the game I feel.
  • There are really no ‘deathstar units’, ‘unkillable characters’ or ‘overpowering magic’ in this game that leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  You can easily substitute one unit for another and there is no dramatic ‘power slip’!
  • The game is very streamlined for speed (they even suggest a ‘timed clock’ like chess!).   One person plays his turn and then the other person plays his turn. 
  • The company (Mantic) is very interactive with the community.
  • You do not have to constantly be taking off models from your movement trays(hence streamlined)!
  • There are some really nice and awesome people that play at Western Oregon Wargamers!

WHEN:  Every Tuesday 6pm(when i will be there but earlier may be fine too!) from November 3- December 22nd (8 week escalation)

WHERE:  WOW headquarters. https://www.google.com/maps/place/717+SE+Main+St,+Portland,+OR+97214/@45.5137869,-122.6605009,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x54950a0aa1951e6f:0x99cf0fcf18e449f

  • I am NOT going to require you to attend every game night!  I know everyone has very busy schedules and Tuesdays are not always extremely ideal for everyone.  What I will require is that you attend ¼ of the gamenights(which means just making it to 2 of them!  If desperate, Sunday gamenights will count as well because I will be there playing infinity and it supports ordo equally) in order to qualify for the prize… which is a 2016 year standing of ‘warlord’ classification at ordofanaticus! 
  • If you are not able to make a game-night you can still get points for the week!  Just organize a game with a buddy-of-choice or post on ‘game night’ to find someone and do the scenario on your own time!  Just send me (Dont Panic) a pm from both of you verifying each other’s points, etc.  The time will be from the game-night Tuesday until the following Monday night to qualify for that week’s scenario! 
  • For weeks 4 and weeks 8 due to holidays I will allow flexibility for those weeks in getting games in(as in if you want to double up a week thats fine)!
  • I will allow proxy just try and stay within correct base sizes and try not too use too many.  Make sure to clarify what units are!  I just want people playing the game :)
  • Beta versions are allowed and easy army is amazingly simple army builder! http://kow2.easyarmy.com/


  • 5 points for getting a game using the scenario/points for the week!(playing the game is what I value the most!) (only achieved once per week!)
  • 2 points for victory/achieving the objective over your opponent(cumulative each week!)
  • 1 point for a draw (cumulative each week!)
  • 0.5 points for blaming the dice gods for a loss (cumulative each week)!
  • 0.5 point for each infantry/war beast model painted per week.
  • 1 point for each cavalry/unit filler or war engine
  • 2 points for each large infantry/cav painted per week.
  • 5 points for a monster fully painted!
  • 2 points for bringing food/drinks to share with others for game nights.
  • 2 bonus points for teaching a new player the game!
  • *to receive credit for painting it must be of your army you are using for the escalation league!*
  • 0.5 points for posting/blogging/battle reports about KoW during the week on ordo!
  • I will give out random bonus points for comical situations/crazy dice and if you can say a really funny joke!  There will also be bonus points each week..


First week, Starting November 3rd- Scenerio 1 KILL!!!!

  • We will be using 1000 points and pretty simple: beat your opponent by more than 100 points in 6 rounds each player!  To do this count up the cost of your opponents routed units!
  • Bonus point(cumulative!) for killing the largest costing unit/hero of your opponent!

Second week, Starting November 10th Scenerio 2 INVADE!!!

  • We will be using 1000 points.  Add up the cost of units that are TOTALLY in your opponents half of the board at the end of turn 6.  If the difference is greater than 100 points in your favor then you are granted sweet victory!
  • Bonus point for getting your slowest moving unit(randomly selected if you have multiple)  across the middle of the board.  Must be movement 6 or below to count!  They do not have to live but just achieve this feat!  1 Bonus point if you prevent your opponent from this objective! (cumulative!)

Third week, Starting November 17th Scenerio 3 DOMINATE!(king of the hill?)

  • We will be using 1250 points.  Slight modification: count up all units that are majority within the hill.  Flying units will not be counted for this purpose(too much of an advantage…).  If more than 125 points, at the end of round 6, than your opponent then you are victorious!
  • Bonus point for each unit defeated, in melee, on the hill! (cumulative)

Fourth week, Starting November 24th Scenerio 4 Pillage!

  • We will be using 1250 points.  Place D3+4 objective markers, coins are fine, randomly on table.  Roll off and take turns placing (not in deployment areas!).  THIS MUST ALL OCCUR BEFORE ROLLING FOR SETUP!  If at the end of the game you have a unit within 3” of the objective and your opponent does not then you claim that objective.  If you control more objectives than your opponent then you win!
  • At the end of each round(both players turns 1-5), tally objectives and whoever is leading is awarded a bonus 0.5 point!(cumulative)

Fifth week, Starting December 1st LOOOOOOT!

  • We will be using 1500 points.  Place 3 loot markers on the battlefield.  One will be dead center and the roll off for who places their marker first.  THIS IS BEFORE SETUP!  When a unit ends its movement over a loot counter it picks it up.  Speed of that unit is reduced to 5(or its original movement if less than 5) and cannot be targeted by windblast or surge.  You can elect to drop a loot counter anywhere in base contact at the start of its movement and then proceed to move as you normally would.  A unit can carry more than one!
  • If your unit is routed while carrying loot counter then the routed units owner may place the counters anywhere within the units footprint.  If killed in melee then the opponent gets to distribute!
  • Individuals/war engines/monsters cannot gather loot BUT can stand on and prevent loot from being gathered!
  • You may elect to walk off the board with counters, but must be on your own deployment area back line!  Doing this guarantees capture of loot
  • Victory is achieved with whoever has more loot counters at end of turn 6 or instant victory if all are walked off the board!
  • GIT IT TO DAH BACK!  A bonus 0.5 point will be awarded for each different unit that picks up a loot counter(so yes dropping it is advantageous!) (accumulative)

Sixth week, Starting December 8th Kill+Pillage!

  • We will be using 1500 points.  Place D3+4 objective markers, coins are fine, randomly on table.  Roll off and take turns placing (not in deployment areas!).  THIS MUST ALL OCCUR BEFORE ROLLING FOR SETUP!  If at the end of the game you have a unit within 3” of the objective and your opponent does not then you claim that objective. 
  • Will be same basic rules as Kill but with each pillage counter being claimed being worth 150 points.  Count up the points of your enemy routed units plus each objective claimed at the end of round 6.  If greater than 150 points over your opponent you are victorious!
  • Bonus points: If you route an enemy within 5 inches of a marker then you are awarded a bonus 0.5 point per unit destroyed! (cumulative)

Seventh week, Starting December 15th TBD(probably stop clock scenario)

  • We will be using 2000 points

Eighth week, Starting December 22nd TBD (a DP home cooked scenario... possibly xmas themed)

  • We will be using 2000 points
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I just got a game of 8th last night and it reminded me of all the garbage I didn't like about it. 2nd edition of KoW is better than 8th was, in my opinion! No dreaded 13th/dwellers crippling/killing a general on turn one. No stunties unable to reach the battle. No overpowered magic, and more core! And like Nate said, all units are viable - this isn't a game of netlists. KoW is a game of customizable, individualized armies whereas Warhammer was a game completely lacking balance. This game has me all fired up for the hobby again.

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Any rules on army swapping? Honestly I think it would be best for people to just stick with one army the whole time, but not sure if you want to restrict like that. As most are still learning this game, I think army consistency is a big help.

considering its an escalation league i would prefer that people stick to one army as that is kind of the point of one, BUT im trying to be as lenient and open as possible to attract people to the game so i will not make it mandatory!  For example say a person just really isnt enjoying playing an army after 1-2 games i will not prevent them from switching... I will make an edit though to say paint-wise you will only get credit for painting one army at a time so painting random models that arent building to your current army do not count... You are right on though, sticking to one army and learning how to play it is the way to start out so id strongly suggest doing so!

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