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Sat 11/7 games


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Well i knew it was going to happen the point value was going to surpass my ability to keep up with buying and assembling models. 8). With that said I was wondering If I can borrow a number of models for saturday.


What I would like to borrow


Emperor's Champion (if mine I ordered is not in yet) - probably from james

Land Raider Crusaider with multi-melta

6 Space Marines with bolt pistol and chainsword

Space Marine with power ax

Space Marine with flamer

Space Marine with bolt pistol and power fist

Stormtalon Guship with skyhammer missle launcher




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the woman is doing the toys for tots this again and its this saturday.  I wont be able to make it down to the store to my knowlege.  Ill see if maybe i can come down again this sunday but depending on her alch. consumption i might be on baby detail for a couple of days.

I'm available today if you wanna get in some of your league games ahead of time. Just a thought!

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