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Tau and Assassins


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PENDING Tau Rumors - Nov 2015
Via K'vor on ATT. 
Yes, there is a future for Farsight Enclaves. The new book is out Q1 2016.
The Farsight book in 2016 is 7e of course. Mont'ka out on 20th November.



K'Vor is unknown and dubious, but...
Sad Panda says

PENDING Tau Rumors - Nov 2015
The Friday/Saturday notwithstanding, that pre-order weekend is correct. 
No Tau models, but a mix of Imperial things, notably repackaged black-clad operatives hunting O'Shova. 



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From GW's site, two new package deals:


Emperor’s Shield Infantry Platoon

This bundle gives you everything needed to field the Emperor’s Shield Infantry Platoona formation found in War Zone Damocles: Mont’ka. You’ll receive a Cadian Command Squad, two sets of Cadian Shock Troops, two Cadian Heavy Weapons Squads and three Sentinels – thirty-four models in total, for an awesome Astra Militarum strike force!

Tau Rapid Insertion Force

This bundle contains everything necessary to field the Rapid Insertion Force, a Tau Empire formation found in War Zone Damocles: Mont’ka. You’ll receive an XV25 Stealth Team (three Battlesuits and a markerlight Drone), three XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Teams (nine Battlesuits and six accompanying Drones), and an imposing XV104 Riptide Battlesuit with two Drones of its own. Twenty-two examples of the might of the Greater Good!

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Pics - from Gamestrust.de
There are new achievements for Execution Force in this issue of White Dwarf!
Interestingly the last page teaser mentions the return of the "Grossmarschall" - who is to my knowledge Helbrecht of the Black Templars but I am not an expert of the german names...
Update: I checked the Lexicanum wiki and according to them the Großmarschall = High Marshal of the Black Templars - who currently is Helbrecht.
More under the spoiler



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Someone over on B&C posted this up regarding The Eight: 

Unbreakable bonds of centralship - models from this formation can provide Supporting fire to a unit engaging any model from this formation if they are within 24 inch of each other Rather then 6 inch. 

Imputing leaders - as long as at least one model from this formation is still alive and on the battlefield all friendly units with the tau empire faction have stubborn special rule.

Normal translation issues apply.

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