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AoS game nights/days, lets set something up!

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Any interest in a regular session once a week,every two weeks,once a month,every other month??? never touching it again???...(ok that's a whole nutha thread lol)


I would like to keep up some form of regular play even though I play now and then with my boy(s) when I can nail them down,heh.


As for places to play we have WoW which has Tuesday and Sunday evening sessions,may have to check and make sure theres no leagues running though.And Sundays are pretty much out for me until after Christmas due to some family stuff going on those days.


Guardian Games is a possibility though I cant seem to get their calander to show up for me so I cant tell what sessions are good.I know they do 40k on Wed evening and Flame of War on thurs but not sure on the other nights.If I remember Saturday afternoons have openings each month.


Red Castle in SE is good too but I think some of the nights are starting to fill up,anyone know their availablility?


Gamer Geek mentioned the Store in Tualatin,forgot the name..I think it Wed evenings there?



Anyhooo...lets chat about it!

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I had a great time at the League when I was able to make it, and definitely am looking forward to getting more games in.


As for when, that's always the challenge.  There's no day I could say I would consistently be there.


Mondays - not available

Tuesdays - not available

Wednesdays - possible

Thursdays - possible

Fridays are decent, but iffy (as evidenced by my spotty league attendance).  But, I'm hoping to start playing Malifaux on some Fridays.

Saturdays - possible

Sundays - possible in the evenings, but only every other week.


As for where, I'd pick Guardian first, Red Castle second, and the Clubhouse last...just because I'm cheap, poor and would rather spend money on minis than dues.

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What size of AoS games are normally played?

6-10 Warscrolls is a good starting point,though if you have any of the battletombs and play the scenarios within then you can just make a wound target for each player to build to as in 50 or 75 wounds total.Wounds generally aren't a good balancing factor but with the GW published scenarios it seems to work pretty well...that's likely what they used in testing them.

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Im leaning toward GG as well..


Throwing down at WoW is always a great time but the game needs all the exposure it can get at this point.Plus im sure the game shops would love to have it played in their stores having product on the shelves and all:).



I don't mind paying table rental if that's what it takes,I just cant seem to get the GG event calendar to show up,,anyone know if its down?..been that way for several days now.

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Unless you are using a composition system we usually don't add anything for a warscroll battalion,it would just be the total warscrolls.But if it looks like the game is going to be really out of wack with one player having a huge advantage due to a battalion special rule then it would be just fine to allow the other player to take a warscroll or two extra.

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So a battalion wound just be part of the 6-10 warscrolls? Wouldn't that give anyone a huge numbers advantage?

The number of warscrolls the battalion uses would count in the 6-10,,so if you needed to field 6 scrolls to get the battalion special rules then those 6 would be in the 6-10.For instance I like to play my Stormcast using the Thunderstrike Brotherhood Battalion,that reguires 6 warscrolls,,then I like to add in either another hero or the Celestant Prime bringing my total to 7:)


This method is pretty much the easiest to use when learning the game.Theres all sorts of composition systems out there with probably 3-4 main ones rising to the top right now.Planned events when announced will list if theres a certain comp to use.


Another method you can do is just set a wound target,say 50 wounds and each person assembles a force of Warscrolls up to that wound total.This isn't bad either and actually is probably more balanced than doing it by scroll count but some multiwound large infantry units can be quite nasty in the damage they deal out per wound.

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Oh so nothing is going on Fridays now?

For the time being they are,,this mainly due to many having issues making the Friday sessions,we were even discussing other nights during the league sessions.


Doesn't mean Fridays are out for AoS though,,you can always make a post here letting everyone know you are looking for a game ,when and were.I would be up for some Fridays but I haven't rented or reserved tables at the store as yet,,,I need to get by there or call them to find out how that works I guess,heh.

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