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Who You Gonna Call?


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Gearing up to play the "Cats and Dogs Living Together" scenario from the 7TV 2nd Edition Paranormal Exterminators Programme Guide. Paranormal Exterminators is an expansion for the 7TV game that has rules for Exterminator and Paranormal casts -- i.e. Ghostbusters or Ghosts. The "Cats and Dogs Living Together" scenario is, essentially, the first film turned into a wargame. So neat.



Team Ghostbuster:


"Jim Blutowski"



"Don Winthorpe"



"Dr. Ziskey"



"Billy Ray"



The Channel 7 News Team (models from em4 miniatures)


The Ghosts:





Harbringer (when the heroic players force the harbringer to switch sides, I'll switch the two models)



Demon Dogs (2) from Heresy Miniatures






Spectres (3) from Reaper Miniatures



Poltergeist from Reaper Miniatures



THE DESTRUCTOR!!!! Actually a piggybank from Diamond Select.


And now some random models to add to these casts for later scenarios:



Paranormal Exterminator



Paranormal Exterminator



Paranormal Exterminator w/Slime Sprayer


The whole Ghostbusting team with the Ecto-1 (from Hallmark):



Finally I picked up this figure, King Jack, from Victory Force Miniatures. I plan to use him as Samhain, from the Ghostbusters cartoon. Either as a modified Marauding Monster, Inhuman Servitor or maybe Sinister Mystic:


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Rarely does the internet deliver, but that really was funny.


My personal theory is that they allowed Slimer to roam freely because Slimer is essentially harmless but useful for research purposes. He appears to a simple gluttony spirit of dog-like intelligence, who is generally well-meaning when not tempted by food.  Even when angry and afraid, the worst Slimer will do is coat you with a layer of disorienting slime.  


However, if some terrible supernatural  force is attempting to invade the world, the first warning will be the influence it has on paranormal activity -- both Gozer and Vigo were heralded by an increase in spectral activity.  Keeping Slimer around and free allows Spengler and Stanz to conduct experiments on a ghost, keep daily measurements of different energy emissions, and potentially detect spikes in paranormal energy that might mean trouble is coming.  Totally makes it worth having to clean ecto-goop off things.

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There may also be some level of sentimental nostalgia attached to Slimer by the busters, as he was the first ghost that they ever trapped.  Maybe after the reactor was shut down and he was released they couldn't bring themselves to put him back into containment.  Although, as men of science, who do not feel love or compassion, it makes more sense that they keep him around as a guinea pig/warning light for the apocalypse. 


By the way, excellent minis!

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