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Heavy LotD list viability?


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Looking at all the cool Marines in the Calth box had me thinking about using them as Legion of the Damned. Painted up ghostly instead of the traditional fire and skulls scheme. What would a solid 2k list leaning heavily on the LotD look like?

Thinking maybe Inquisition for the dudes on the ground with spectral allies dropping in everywhere but I'm open to suggestions.


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I guess the obvious anwser would be SM CAD with a HQ that combos well with them (Vulcan, Tiggy, Lias Issodon), 3 from the elite section and some cheap, mobile scoring via scouts etc. Then a detachment of LOTD from their own book. Throw in a INQ detachment for some servo skulls or I imagine, a skyhammer and their pinning ability, combined with that Relic the LOTD can take, that gives a squad FNP and kills an enemy modal + increases their FNP for every failed LD test within 12 or something of them. 


Although I guess a canny opponent would just elect to go to ground most of the time and accept the pin so maybe not. 

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Space Marines are probably the smarter answer but...I'm not a fan of Marines;)

That's what drew me to the LotD. In my opinion they're what Marines should look like.

How's Steel Host plus LotD sound? Lots of tanks with soopa marines dropping into the enemy backfield or protecting the tanks. What points ratio should I be shooting for? 1400 tanks/ 600 Death Marines sound about right?

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