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KoW Escalation league night, week 3! Tues Nov 24th at WOW

Don't Panic

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come one come all!


Third week, Starting November 17th Scenerio 3 DOMINATE!(king of the hill?)

  • We will be using 1250 points.  Slight modification: count up all units that are majority within the hill.  Flying units will not be counted for this purpose(too much of an advantage…).  If more than 125 points, at the end of round 6, than your opponent then you are victorious!
  • Bonus point for each unit defeated, in melee, on the hill! (cumulative)


*After this week: i will be changing the gamenights from Tuesdays to Sundays!  This is mostly to make it more convenient for people to come and now that there is no league night(infinity) on sundays I can run it then!  plus no freaking rush hour traffic...*

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