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Shogun and Fortress America


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I have these 2 awesome wargames games from the late 80's for sale. Shogun is a wargame set in feudal Japan. I spent countless hours playing this game in high school. Fortress America is a what-if game of an invasion of the US in the vein of the movie Red Dawn. I don't know what Saddam wants with New Jersey, but it is your job to stop him.


The boxes on each are rough, but both are 100% complete and in excellent shape for being 30 years old. I have inventoried every piece and bagged everything. These are from the same series that launched Axis and Allies. I am asking $30 each or $50 for both. Prefer local pick up.


Here are some pictures of each:










Cool minis (and LOTS of them):





Fortress America:





Box has hole:



Yeah... that's Saddam


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I had those 2 and Axis and Allies back in the day. They were all good games. Shogun I think was the best of the lot.

Axis and Allies was good but after I had a game of amazing luck playing as Russia, I had walked into Berlin and was about to launch a naval invasion of Japan at economic victory in under 10 turns.

I never had a copy of Conquest of the Empire or the guy with the most catapults wins.

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