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curious, besides bkieft does anyone else brew alround here?  what are ya making?

i decided screw job searching for a day and am brewing a big irish red.  i have waaay too much grain that is probably going bad so i need to get my butt in gear.  here's what i used: 

8 lbs optic pale malt

1 lb briess 40C

1 lb british carastan

4 oz flaked barley

8 oz golden malted oats

4 oz chocolate malt

1 lb LME pils(cause i need to use it hehe)


in boil right now but at a nice 12.5 brix before boil.  did regular all grain setup of fly sparge.  generally do a concoction style 3 step mash but im feeling lazy today.  also i generally do a 90 minute boil as i like my malt heavy flavor.  last one i did was great for st pattys day, but this one is a very different style and heavier.  last one i cut with honey and some corn sugar to up the gravity.  


anyone else brewing lately?


SG: is a healthy 1.057 or 14 brix on the nose.  means if fermentation goes as planed, should hit a FG of 1.010 and thus a 6.1% abv.  using safale 5 because... im poor and cant afford liquid yeast 'sigh' i miss my edinbourgh strain!


wish i could just get a job as a brewer, but those seem even more lucrative than bio jobs ha.

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So consider getting a job tending bar in a brew-pub.  I know a couple of guys who went that route to get to know the brewer and get involved to try and get a foot in the door up here in Seattle.  Too soon to tell if it worked out for them.


I personally have not brewed in 20 years.  I find that my tastes have changed and I am not even sure how to brew what I drink myself these days (at least not in small batch) so I am content to pay the people who make the time to do so for me.

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Soon very soon.


Had time on a plane to build Brehk's Bitter just looking for a time frame that works for the brew day.



id totally hang with you guys whenever ya do a brew day!  as for bitters, those are tricky beers.  light ales always show every little character.  so if going for a bitter just make sure to use specific english style things otherwise it turns to be just like an APA lol.  golding/fuggle style earthy hops, pale malt, little crystal and the most important imo is yeast.  sounds silly, but english yeast have a ton of character and provide an insane amount of flavor to the beer.  i use west yorkshire(if available) or whitbread.  but most people use the more fruity english brand ones.  what are you thinking for the build?


PS: i can bring that bag of orgo 2 row whenever you brew

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poured first glass of this irish today.  the malt character is really good and has a great dry finish from the oats/flaked.  hops very nicely balanced.  this might rival my more recent porter as best beer ive made... possibly!  definitely better than my pale and berliner weiss recently so looks like im back in the game after some poor showings!

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