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Star Wars: Rebellion

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I picked up the new FFG Star Wars board game yesterday and want to play it sooon. I played through a solo game last night just to learn the rules and even though it wasn't a very true test of the balance of the game (a big part is the location of the Rebel base being secret so I just pretty much held back with the Imperials until I got concrete information), lots of cool stuff still happened.


Pretty early on in the game, the Empire captured Princess Leia and turned her to the dark side, taking her over for the rest of the game.


Many Bothans died when the Death Star blew up Bothawui for supporting the Rebellion.


Chewbacca led a wookie uprising on Kashyyk, destroyed the Imperial garrison, and liberated the wookie home world.


Han Solo was captured on Ord Mantell by Boba Fett and had a homing beacon placed on the Falcon before being released, leading the Empire back to the Rebel base. The main Imperial fleet of two Star Destroyers, the Death Star, and a ton of TIEs was near the base location and prepared to wipe it out next round, but the rebels launched a last ditch counterattack led by Luke Skywalker. They managed to blow up both Star Destroyers and using the Death Star Plans they'd acquired earlier, Luke's X-Wing hit the trench for an attack run... Which he completely failed. The Rebel fleet was superlasered to dust and the Rebel base was next.


So yeah, who wants to play this game? It plays either 1 on 1 or with teams playing up to 2 per side.

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