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Warmachine Mk3 Incoming?


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Interesting. I just started playing and after playing everything else I would agree that the rules for warmahordes are a bit bloated and could use some streamlining. 


I also am trying to go to lock n load this year and I noticed this as one of their descriptions for events: 


WARMACHINE/HORDES Hardcore: The Last Dance
Hardcore has been a mainstay of Privateer Press gaming events for years, and this will be our final farewell to this tournament. Throw down in this awesome event one last time before welcoming Champions to the fold. Fully painted armies and fast, furious gameplay fill Hardcore with edge-of-your-seat action.


I thought the description seemed interesting, why is it going away and what is replacing it? So potentially they unveil mk3 at lock and load?

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They are replacing Hardcore with Champions format, which isn't anything like hardcore at all. Hardcore was a staple event in MK1, that didn't quite transfer well into MK2 because of the models that have been released.


I felt Mk2 was absolutely amazing edition and quite better than MK1 in the sense of power creep. I am excited for this new edition and I know PP will do an amazing job.

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Here is an overview, by someone else on the forums, of the PrimeCast that was released today:




It was called eggroll internally "for years"

What does the new edition offer players?

Re-balance of every model
Each caster has a unique spell or rule
Doubled point scale, last point scale was not quite granular enough
Address differences in focus and fury (focus too strong late game, fury too strong early)
New mechanic "Power-up", each jack gets a focus for beginning the turn in their caster's control area
Spirit bond mechanic where Warlocks can gain fury for beasts they have lost each turn
Upped the bonus points for jacks/beasts that each caster has (doubled or so)
Each battlebox is actually 0 points
This was the right time to introduce a new edition based on feedback from community

Lessons learned from MK2?

Huge-based models threw a wrench into design
Too conservative with their design, want to push them further
Global reset to the rules, smooth things out for new players
New rule books have detailed examples and references to make getting into the game easier

Other big changes

Pre-measuring is universal now, felt like a loop hole because of what can already be measured, no more gotchas
Psychology is gone, no more fear and no more terror, no more 1 die roll making your units/models useless
Never wrote fluff of people cowering so removed it

Huge-based model changes

Learned a lot from making them
Watched how they impacted the meta in order to inform their new design
They now feel like "the monsters of the battlefield" due to the point value changes
Juggernaut vs. Conquest
Conquest is 4 times the points and 4 times the "badass"

Big changes to the story

Story is coming through the Skull Island books and the main fiction will not be in the rulebooks
Time jump to the story is about 2 years into the future from the wrap-up of the current timeline (Blood of Kings)
Flashpoint is the first volume in a trilogy for the fluff (called Acts of War)
Major Beth Maddox (Cyngar Battlebox caster) is a main character in Flashpoint
Cyngar has "changed rulership" (met by huhs in the podcast by other PP guys)
Fresh jumping off point, all bets are off
Flashpoint flips the script on aggressor and defender
Cygnar will be seen differently, not the protagonist
Not fighting in Thornwood, landscape will change
Stories were huge and epic so no one got a lot of screen time, this story (Flashpoint) is about Cygnar v. Khador
The trilogy will have an impact on the whole Iron Kingdoms (Acts of War)
"No favorite character is safe", "we have taken off the safety net", "we might not go all Game of Thrones"
Everything is integrated, it builds on itself, it has a path book to book and through new models and organized play, everything is interlocked

Lock and Load

L&L will be the big pre-release (surprise surprise)
There will not be a L&L like this ever again
No one wants to stand in line
Release is on Saturday night for all new edition products, after keynote and after final MK2 events
Crowning the best MK2 player in the world at L&L
Then change to MK3 they are preselling product at L&L
Instead of getting in line, at your leisure, you wander up to the store and make your purchase
They will bag everything and when the keynote is over there will be distribution stations to pick up your order (this is pretty sweet actually)

"There will be a MK3 game within 10 minutes", "that will be a fast reader"

On Sunday there will still be MK2 events but there will be MK3 scrambles with PP "ringers"
Keynote will lay out more info and previews "one really big preview, specifically for hordes" (new faction is confirmed for L&L 2017)
New faction teasers and artwork to show, "weird stuff", (laughs about how weird it will be)
Rules in the faction change the game in cool ways
Faction is built in the new edition, feels like one of the most completely though out factions
In the beginning they created the first 10 models and 3 casters for Warmachine factions, with this new faction they had all the tools to build so they built the whole thing (limited faction then?)
Feels like a complete ecosystem and has a very interesting reason for being in existence (he got cut off from talking at this point)

Blogs and Primecasts are coming with more details (2 more Primecasts in April, third will be Organized play focused)

Guarding the secret for a long time, glad to get it off their chest, "every time I go to a show I have to relearn the current rules"


After credits there are a few outtakes but no information.
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That is fair, PP hasn't figured out how to pay for a program to help with their website not crashing every 5 seconds when it hits critical mass.


But for those going to lock n load or getting a ninja, the rules/cards will be available around that date.

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New explanations on the power up rule: HERE
then further explanation of Coc and Cephalyx shenanigans below (By Jason Soles)

I just wanted to jump in here because I feel like I should have addressed these questions in my Insider. My apologies for neglecting to explain the changes to monstrosities and vectors. Not being warjacks, Cephalyx monstrosities do not benefit from Power Up. Instead, a monstrosity gains 1 focus point each time it suffers damage as a result of a continuous effect or from an attack (whether made by a friendly model or an enemy). And instead of having these focus points removed during the Maintenance Phase, monstrosities retain their focus points until they have been spent.
Likewise, Power Up does not affect the vectors of the Convergence of Cyriss (which are actually considered warjacks in the new edition, albeit warjacks without a cortex). Instead they rely on Focus Induction to keep the focus flowing. Focus Induction now simply states: “When a Convergence warjack spends a focus point during its activation, you can give a focus point to another Convergence warjack if the two are in the same battlegroup and are within 6˝ of one another.” That’s it. So, one warjack can spend all of its focus to fill up the next warjack and so on until the same 3 focus points have flowed through every warjack in your battlegroup.
I think these differences really help add flavor to the Cephalyx and Convergence and truly set them apart from the other Factions in the game. And rest assured, they certainly have been taken into account with regards to the balance of their armies.



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Also, Jason Soles came out and said that the PrimeCast had a very mistakes because the staff is just so excited about the new ruleset.




I've done a bit of fact checking in the last couple days and I want to correct a couple things we have said recently. We are all very excited here and sometimes things get said that are not quite gospel. Such as in the midst of a podcast. It comes from an honest place, sharing our excitement for this new game with you.

That said, the cost of the Conquest is not four times the cost of a Juggernaut. It is more like three times... Well, actually it is more like 3.083333333333333 times.

And not absolutely every warlock and warcaster got a unique spell or ability. I have already found one warcaster whose one time unique quality was replaced with something that is actually more compelling but that does exist elsewhere. So I guess I meant most warcaster and warlocks have received a truly unique spell or ability in addition to their feats. 

I am sorry for the misstatements and will post here if I find any more.



Also, You can find the full thread: HERE


which gives us a bit more tidbits of details but nothing too big.

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New insider: HERE






. In HORDES, the rules for Frenzying were significantly simplified and yet, at the same time, brought back in line with the original intent of this risk/reward system. In the new edition, the Frenzy rules simply state that a frenzying warbeast shakes all effects that can be shaken, then charges the closest model and makes a single attack against that charge target, using its highest P+S attack. That’s it. No more long if/then chart to check against. Just shake, charge, and attack.




By removing psychology entirely, we were able to significantly reduce the total volume of rules and create a more fun, rewarding play experience.




In other cases, we took the opportunity of the new editions to better bring WARMACHINE and HORDES more in line with each other, such as by removing wreck markers from WARMACHINE.



Perhaps one of the most noticeable cuts that added a huge amount to the games was the removal of skill checks from both games. 
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New PrivateerPress Insider: HERE


essentially theme forces are more general and no more minions/merc pacts/contracts.


New PrivateerPress PrimeCast: HERE





They talk about Trenchers, you know what's up here.
Ironclad is 12 points, now has a *Attack on the hammer that does normal damage AND centers a 4" AoE on the target that knocks down everything in it (Ironclad excepted).

MoWs now the premiere heavy infantry. All heavy infantry now has 5 boxes except for MoW, which has 8.
All MoWs are repairable all the time now.
New "Shocktrooper Officer," grants no KD and no push to Shocktroopers.
New rule "High Explosive." Gives AoEs a flat damage. Example was Conquest having High Explosive [POW10] so the Secondary Battery guns always deal POW10 on the blast damage instead of half POW.
Sorscha1 is "still Sorscha." "Kind of the same feat," still freezes in her LoS. Has Boundless Charge, Fog of War, Freezing Grip, Razor Wind, Tempest, Wind Rush.

Nothing new.
Cryx still has recursion and magic.
System changes means more jacks.

Some MAT buffs to jacks.
Choir's "Battle" song no longer buffs attack rolls, only damage rolls.
All cavalry now has the "Reposition" rule. Heavier the cav, less you can reposition. Example was Vengers have "Reposition[3]."

Nothing new.
In Prime, now a "Core Faction."
Myrmidons can still spend a focus to recharge power field.

Not in Prime.
Vectors don't get Power Up focus (no cortex).
Can now induct as many focus as you want. Spend three focus? Induct three focus!

Tough Change - No longer works when knocked down. One can assume that there's less "no KD" tech.
Farstrike is now RNG:Self. This was so they could buff Trollblood ranged attacks. For example, War Wagon now has RNG12 guns.

Tharn Ravager Chieftain: Grants Vengeance. Mini-feat that grants Overtake.
Tharn Ravagers are "cheaper."
Skinwalkers possibly more resilient, they stated "Skinwalkers are resilient," but I don't know how tough they are in MK2 so take that for what it is.

No specific spoilers.
Less fury management across the entirety of Hordes but especially in Legion. They're looking to have Legion actually use its infantry.
A "couple of new models" are going to add to using infantry in Legion. Will sounded excited.

All Immortals have Soul Vessel now so they all give souls.
Cataphract have 5 boxes, per the heavy infantry change (see Khador).

See today's Insider, they reiterated that: No Pacts/Contracts.
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Hey All,


Recently I talked about some of the changes coming to the Journeyman league in an Insider, check it out here: Here

In this, I mention that the Factions that are not receiving a retail battle box in the new edition will have a "stand-in" for players wishing to play in a Journeyman League. With the new edition right around the corner, I wanted to let you all know what those models were so you could plan ahead for any purchases / painting you wanted to do before the new edition of WARMACHINE & HORDES, and all of the new organized play drops this June.


Convergence: Syntherion 1, Montior, Galvanizer, Diffuser


Mercenaries (1 of 2): Magnus 1, Manger, Rover


Mercenaries (2 of 2): Ossrum 1, Driller, Blaster, 2 x Gunners


Minions (1 of 2): Helga 1, War Hog, Battle Boar, 2 x Razor Boars


Minions (2 of 2): Barnabas 1, Wrastler, Boneswarm, Bull Snapper




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