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Age Old 40k Rule Question Regarding Infiltrate/Outflank

IW Raptors

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My head hurts after googling the [big bad swear word] out of this one. I've read the GW FAQ, which is fine and dandy, but wasn't able to get a concrete answer on the following:


If an IC has the infiltrate rule, can they join a unit without the infiltrate rule in reserves? 


So for example, could I attach Lias Issodon (comes with infiltrate) to a unit that does not have the infiltrate rule and outflank them all? Or Shadowsun, can she deep strike with a Crisis suit unit? 



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Just my two cents as someone fairly new to the game but I play with friends that use these situations a lot.


the rules for independent characters (pg 166 BRB) specifically state that if a IC does not have infiltrate it is unable to join a unit that does. the lack of the opposite statement leads my group to believe you can put an infiltrate IC into a non Infiltrate unit.


Infiltrate (pg 167 BRB) states as long as one model in the unit has infiltrate the entire unit and even their transport may infiltrate


however the deep strike example does not fall under this.


Deep Strike (pg 162 BRB) states that ALL models in the unit must have the special rule to start the game in reserves.


Hope this helps, I am sure others will let me know if my interpretation is wrong.

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Here is the FAQ Language

"An Independent Character without the Infiltrate special rule cannot join a unit of Infiltrators during deployment, and vice versa."


So an IC without infiltrate cannot join a unit of infiltrators and an IC with infiltrate cannot join a unit without infiltrate. Its really stupid, but there it is.

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