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Whoa! Not only did the Gecko Bros. get Fireteam Duo so they can move up together, but they also changed price! The Mk12 was 55 points 1.5 SWCs it is now 54 points and 0.5 SWC! The Dual Combis Gecko dropped from 1 SWC to 0 SWC! BTS also jumped from 3 to 6! Those extra 3 points would have been great in my last game against Than, where he possessed my Gecko and made it shoot the other Gecko...twice...Luckily the unpossessed Gecko is apparently great at AROing his friend.


Hmmm...I might need to get a second box of Geckos...At that rate 3 Geckos is reasonable 4 might be a bit too much tied up in non-specialist troops.


Here's a screen cap. The new profile is on top. Old one below


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