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Sector Imperialis Bases

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Yeah, but it comes with enough bits to do a ton of larger Bases. Despite what I said above, I'm actually now thinking about doing my Iron Warriors on these, since I've only got like 8-10 of them that would need rebasing. The lack of 50mm bases for Centurions (I'm doing an Imperial Fists Counts-As) is kind of annoying in that regard, tho.

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Got 'em today. They're pretty cool. 10 distinct designs on the 32s, 4 each of 5, and then 8 each of the other 5, and most of them look like they're pretty easy to make even more distinct by putting dudes on them in different orientations and/or placing feet to cover up certain details. Very nice casts, look like they're gonna need almost no cleanup. The Large Base Kit has a ton of bits in it. Some are only suitable for larger bases, but there are quite a few that will work well on a 32 or even a 25mm Base. Working on rebasing some SW at the moment, but I'm gonna get started on the IW on these bases pretty soon, I think.

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