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Thursday GG gametype?


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  • 2 weeks later...

We had SchnellerKarl and ZeroMoon17 battling with a German Ausbildungs list (Tiger, StuH42, AT guns,grenadiers) vs. British Armoured Recce Squadron.


I arrived late, due to bad traffic related to a bridge closure.

After the FoW battle, SK and I did a test run of TANKS!.


For newbies (to WW@ table top minis), pick it up and play in about 30-45 min.


For FoW gamers: a light, quick, no-frills game with features from TANK ACES.

For this crowd, would play in 15 - 30min.


ZEKE would LOVE this. ONLY TANKS. No infantry, no guns.


Tanks are all LW. Can use your existing models.

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