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Malifaux Mondays in Seattle


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Do it DP, do it!

issue is second bedroom has already been officially taken over by terrain building.  if i add another hobby RIGHT NOW emily might be moving to a new place without me hahahaha.  ill wait for a tactical advance to move into the game.  mostly whenever i sell my beastmen models 'sigh'.  

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Orkdork, Yup! Same group.


Aidan, who came down to the event playing Misaki 10T is hosting this.




Yup, all in, most of the old DC group have switched over to malifaux. Aidan, Anthony, Ricky, Tom and my myself were all at breachign the Faux. Hoping to meak it down for Malifaux again at OFCC.

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Hey, happy to find this post already here :-) I was going to add one.


We got the first month under our belt (Anthony with his Gremlins came out on top if you're interested) and will be starting a second league in July. I'm also going to organize a Henchman Hardcore tournament for the Monday in the middle of August - more info to come soon!

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