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Get ur lists and paint brushes ready - Spring FoW tourn FEB 2017


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This should give you something to shop for and/or paint over the end-of-year holidays.


Dogs-of-War 2017

EW FoW Blitz tournament

1000 pts

5 rounds over 2 days

small tables (4x4?)

Tentatively pegged on calendar for SAT/SUN FEB 18th-19th

Location tentatively is GG, renting the Level Up-Home Screen room (so we can leave tables setup overnight)


Why the long lead time?

1) want to REALLY promote the events

2) get more participation by allowing out-of-towners more time to plan, make travel arrangements

3) Score some good prizes during Black Friday and Xmas sales


Firm details to be worked out by mid-July.


If this will collide with another big gaming event, holler before July 15.

If you have other ideas, objections, or gripes, PM me before July 15, or post on this thread.

After that date, I will start firming up the details.

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All for EW:

  • Forces of War
  • Online approved PDFs
  • All EW Books:
  • Rising Sun
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Barbarossa
  • Hellfire & Back
  • Burning Empires

Still checking on: "Gung Ho!" and Banzai".

Compatibility with European theatre not clear from this article (bottom of page):

"Hit the Beaches – Gung-Ho" http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5137

nor from this one:

"Hit the Beaches – Banzai" http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5138

Will look in the books themselves for BF approach to EW points in Eur theatres.


Since my official tournament announcements are detailed (verbose?), I explicitly list legal references for lists, if there is any grey area on references.

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Currently, "Hung Go!" And "Banzai!" Will not be used for EW lists in this tournament.


Although Gung Ho and Banzai mention EW, neither the company org charts, nor this quote (from each book) make it clear HOW to craft an EW list: "Pacific War Points are also compatible with Early-war points, although not all the equipment was available in the Early-war(1939-1941)."


The hole in this logic is that Pacific War Points are listed for equipment that was not fielded in Early War.

All points values list Pw and L (for LW).

In these 2 handbooks, Equip not listed by date of introduction to field units.

My research into mil Equip references tells me that date of manufacture not reliable for Order-of-Battle. General research sources do not often distinguish between first manufactured date and delivery to field units. On the other end, a model no longer manufactured does not prove continued or discontinued use by field units. So a casual internet search will yield varying results in the equipment timelines.


Additionally, the training, organization and morale of some units/unit-types changed significantly during the war. This is reflected in the European theatre by 3 periods. I am not familiar enough with the Japanese army to state that a specific unit or type would be changed or unchanged from 1939 to 1945.


My conclusion is that today, there is no official way to generate an EW list. For casual games, one of the players could do the research.

If BF issues a list of Pw units/equip that distinguishes EW in these 2 books, then we have an agreed upon reference for building "Pacific" EW lists to match up with army lists from the European and Afircan theatres.


Therefore, these two books cannot be used in the Dogs-of-War tournament.


I will chk the Forum, and post a question if necessary to clarify this. If there is a simple way to build EW lists from these two books, then I will post the link, and change my position.


Beware of handing a Mentat a logical inconsistency.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Re: multiple tournaments:

1) GG not open late enough on SUN to get sixth game in.

2) if get diff venue, then will reconsider, though spilt tournament might weaken one or both day's rosters.

3) Right now, hoping that Mikhail or someone else up in WA will organize a 2017 winter or spring event in Lacey.

4) as I built up enough terrain and matched armies, plan on having non-tournament events in months when no tournament going on.


A lot of interest in a two-day 5 game event.

So leaning toward two tier fee, and "midway prizes" for first day-only participants.

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I am revising the points on the EW lists.

I crunched the numbers on some of the tank lists, and 1000 pts looks very tight for some.


Taking a cue from Gen Con 2016: Going with 1125 points for our Spring 2017 FoW EW Blitz tournament.


If ur curious: Gen Con 2016, EW tournament, 1125 pts, here are the armies played:

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