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LRC and UNU for the future!

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What the F is UNU?  Well, here you go: FIND OUT!


Its a website that allows you to make real-time decisions on various things using a simple interface and has been shown to make very accurate predictions and better decisions on a variety of levels.  


Using a swarm of normal people, they were able to predict 76% of the Oscars this year compared to the average professional critics picking about 66%.  A swarm of 20 horse racing enthusiasts picked the super-fecta (top 4) finishers at the Kentucky Derby and the Trifecta (top 3) at the Preakness.  


Essentially, this program leverages the wisdom of groups to make very good decisions very quickly and more accurately than other methods.  


What I propose is that NEXT year, whoever is on the LRC picks a time to get on and do all the list ratings in one fell swoop.  Each list would have 5 options.  


Too Weak for OFCC



Too Hard for OFCC


The decision time on this should be about 10-20 seconds probably and you could bang out the 90ish lists in about 15 to 20 minutes.  


This assumes the LRC members read all the lists ahead of time as well and write down their own thoughts ahead of time.  


The nice thing about UNU is that you can control how strong your opinion is as well.  So, you might think something is a 2, but have a weak conviction, whereas you might think a list is too hard and have a strong conviction.  The track record for UNU is VERY strong and I suspect it would get closer to an ideal than what we have now.  


Anyway, I bumped into this program this week and I'm just thinking of all the ways it could be used.  

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