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MDF movement trays

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Hey all! Just wanted to give a quick shout out to anyone who might be looking for new movement trays / bases for a new 9th Age project, I recently ordered a load of stuff from Warbases.co.uk and were pretty happy with the result and prices.


Until now I had mainly used GW modular movement tray systems; they were alright, but as someone who liked a "tight fit" of my units in their trays, it made the 20/25mm guide lines on the GW trays pretty useless, as once you put the lip / corner pieces on, you were adding way more room to the tray. I ended up re-messuring / re-cutting all of my stuff, and it worked out, but was kinda a pain.


I looked at stuff like Mantic, Litko, Tectonic Crafts, and Back 2 Base-ix, but thought they were a little more expensive than I was looking for. I almost went with Shogun metal movement trays, but I already had a bunch of magnetizing stuff from old 8th Ed. projects and wanted something with a little more of a lip around the tray.


Final settled on trying out Warbases, and their prices seemed the lowest. I ordered:


4 125x50mm trays

1 200x80 mm tray

1 160x80mm tray

1 140x120mm tray


$22.13 shipped from the UK. This when post-Brexit, although the Pound was valued higher vs. the Dollar as it is currently.


Very happy with the trays, for the most part. A few of the boarders had become separated from the tray bases in transit, but was an easy fix with some super glue. 


Have since ordered movement trays / bases for my Daemonic Legions army from them and am currently waiting delivery. 6 trays and 100+ bases of various sizes for $33.29 shipped. 


Biggest complaint is there were no skirmish movement trays available, at least not in any useful configurations, and nothing for 40mm skirmishers. Also max size was a little limited for my Zombie + Cadaver Wagon unit, but they supposedly do trays of custom sizes, so I guess I could have asked.


Anyone else have any recommendations for tray providers that they use? I'm kinda hyped up on 9th Age, always interested in finding more hobby options  :biggrin:

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Question: How do the bases stack up vs GW ones?

I.E. are they indistinguishable when painted/flocked.

I'll double check the height when I get home, I think the GW ones a slightly higher though.


Regardless, the GW bases have that slight tapper from the bottom to the top, while these are straight up and down, so I imagine you would be able to spot the difference. I have yet to get these painted / based though.

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