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Seattal tournament question


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Would the Nova missions be a draw to play locally for a change of pace?


I ma looking at doing a Charity tournament for my father in-law with cancer and was thinking about formats that are different from the ITC.


Any thoughts on the nova format or others for this purpose? I know some people in the Portland area did a charity event in the last year. how that work out?

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The best charity event formats (from a collecting funds standpoint) are usually a team event to get more entry fees per table.  Also most encourage donations through things like buying rerolls or free summoned units, blasts etc.   It can get a little ridiculous doing the money buys wins thing but its for a good cause, not for gaining ITC points.  Just depends though with the local meta and with ITC a thing it's harder to attract folks to things that don't contribute to circuit points.


NoVa is a great format but their missions are notoriously dense and hard for people to pick up without a lot of practice.  I'm not sure I would run one as a one off event locally here but maybe there's more interest in Seattle.

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