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ACTUAL 6th Elvensword Ambassadorial GT FAQ

Lord Hanaur

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For ease of reference.  If you have questions you want added or addressed, please put them in the actual input thread itself.  Thanks for the great input!


Q:  For clarity, does the Super Formations itself count AS a Formation for purposes of the three Formation limit?

A:  No, do not count the Super Formation (such as a Decurion or Dawn Blade Contingent "super-formation) in any way.  This differs from the ITC.  You are allowed three Formations total, whether they fall in or out of a Super Formation.  If you opt for a third Formation, that third Formation must be a Combined Arms Detachment as described  in the main rule book.  The goal here is to see the full panoply of your Codex represented proudly, in victorious armed negotioations.


Q:  If a unit exchanges its normal deployment option with the Genestealer Cult Ambush option, is it considered to have moved for purposes of Heavy weapons?

A: No, but it still cannot move in the turn it chooses this option of course.


Q:  In missions in which Kill Points are counted, will Super Heavies/Gargantuan Creatures still yield a Kill Point for each 3 Hull Points or Wounds it suffers per ITC rules?

A:  Yes.


Q:  Will Super Heavies/ Gargantuan Creatures still yield a +1 to Seize the Initiative as ITC does.

A:  Yes. 


Q:  Will we have access to Escalation Warlord Traits, for any reason?

A:  No.


Q:  When does the Haemotrope Reactor affect a weapon?

A:  When that weapons actual name contains the word plasma/plasmic or when the weapon specifically says that it is a plasma weapon in its weapon entry (not its fluff).  For example, Pulse weapons are described as utilizing plasma in their fluff, but it is not in the end a “plasma” weapon according to its entry.


Q:  Do the Army List Entries in Decurion style “Super-Formations” count against your 3 Formation limit, as long as I qualify otherwise to use them?

A:  No


Q:  Will any faction have access to Sisters of Silence, since they are not in a codex being represented?

A:  Only the Adepta Sororitas Ambassador will have access to them.  They may only take the Null-Maiden Task Force Formation (specifically).


Q:  Is Hammer of Wrath forfeited if you choose to use a Grenade?

A:  It will not be for this tournament


Q:  When does a Fortification or Defense Network count, for purposes of whether or not you have achieved Sudden Death Victory against your foe.

A:  Fortifications elements (such as the Gun on a Gun Fort) that have Wounds, or that still have weapons capable of auto fire, are considered “Alive” for purposes of Sudden Death.   Any others are ignored.


Q:  If I represent the Adeptus Mechanicus, may I use both the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii books for my force?

A:  Yes, subject to the same 3 Formation limitation as all Ambassadorial entourages have


Q: The Traitor Legions Supplment dropped after the cut off.  May I use it as the Chaos Space Marine Ambassador?
A: Yes

Q: In the Super Eclipse Mission, when do you start rolling to see if Night Fight ends?
A: At the beginning of Player Turn 3 and every subsequent turn.
Q: In the Super Eclipse Mission it states that Night Fighting begins in turn 2.  If I have the Strategic Warlord Trait that allows me to choose Night Fighting in Turn one, what happens?
A: If you have this Warlord Trait and invoke it, then there would be Night Fighting in both Game Turn 1 and Game Turn 2.  Per the mission, you would start to roll at the beginning of Player Turn 3 and every Player Turn afterwards to see if the Night Fighting ends on a 5+.
Q:  When the mission refers to a unit being at or above half strength, does this refer to the model count or to the number of wounds/Hull Points remaining?
A:  Models remaining. So if a unit of 1 Dreadnought is missing 2 Hull points, it is still a unit of one and therefore considered at or above half strength.  The same would be true for a Monstrous Creatures.  A unit of three Carnifex's that is reduced to 2 models, one of which has lost all but one wound, would still be at or above half strength because the unit still has two models in it.
Q:  Forge World rules are disallowed in any way.  May I use Forge World models as proxies, such as anngrath in place of a Blood Thirster?
A:  As the website says, creativity is encouraged, but so is clarity.  So long as you do not take advantage of any differences between the Forge World model and the actual model it represents; and allow your opponent the benefit of the doubt where this is in question, you are absolutely allowed to use ITC legal models as a proxy.
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