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UR suggestions 4 Oregon/Washington Team Yankee Escalation League


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Round about early March, 2017, the Rose City Dukes and Duchesses plan to kick off a Team Yankee Escalation League.

If you have any ideas, reply below.


My ideas are:

  1. Demo's and How-to-Play sessions start in JAN, posted on GG calendar ( http://www.ggportland.com/calendar/ ) and this forum section.
  2. Each gamer starts with minimal forces, maybe a HQ + 1-2 Platoons per person. (about 40 pts)
    • For US players that is one Abrams Tank box
    • $45 + paint
    • HQ=1xM1, 1st PLT=2xM1, 2nd PLT=2xM1
  3. Initially, use doubles teams (2 gamers per side) to put enough on the table for a battle
  4. Add about a platoon per month (10-15 pts), our fill out your small platoons
  5. Plan to run for 3-5 months
  6. Schedule either:
  • alternate days from the FoW regular events:
    • In PDX, FoW = wkly THU at GG and monthly 1st SAT at GG
    • In PDX, TY = wkly TUE at OCGG and monthly 3rd SAT at GG
  • or 2 weeks/month FoW, then 2 weeks of Team Yankee
    • 1-15 of the month = FoW
    • 16-30/31 of the month = TY

7. Missions: Try out the official missions, and then adapt some missions to the scenarios (see below).


8. Scenarios: Grab some scenarios out of the fictional literature and play those battles (or something like them), where the tabletop forces mostly match the scenario forces.


These are the books I have:

  • Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy (various forces, mostly US vs Sov)
  • Team Yankee: A Novel of World War III, by Harold W. Coyle (US Armored CBT Team vs Sov)
  • Chieftains, by Bob Forrest-Webb (British Armor)
  • Red Thrust: Attack on the Central Front, by Steven Zaloga (Soviet point-of view, various forces)
  • Red Army, by Ralph Peters (Soviet point-of view, various forces)
  • First Clash: World War Three, By Kenneth Macksey (Canadian Mech Task Force vs Sov Tk Rgt and Sov MR Rgt)
  • Third World War, August 1985, by Sir John Hackett
  • Third World War: The Untold Story, by Sir John Hackett

9. Later in the year (post Enfilade!), when many players have about 100 pts, organize a Firestorm-like campaign.


10. Any contributions to missions and/or scenarios are welcome.  If someone has a book listed above, and wants to scratch up scenarios based on that, please reply.  If you have other source you want to use, fine also.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Will the escalation auto end the Bulge Campaign?  I am not sure if we are going to have the Bulge complete by march as we are just lumbering into turn 3 of 5.  Thoughts on time management of events?  I have no concern if Bulge is curtailed for other activities; but I would not mind finishing it either.

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Planned ending. Prob 3-4 tabletop games per turn. Plan on ending Bulge campaign Tue, 14 Mar.

Post final results Wed, 15 Mar.

Start Team Yankee escalation and campaign Thu, 16 Mar.

Run for 8 weeks: Mar 16 - may 11.

Campaign will be an Axis of attack format, using Fulda Gap as location.

Then two weeks prep for ENFILADE!

April and May will have some individual events for rolling out version 4 and MW Africa.

Version 4 start in earnest post-ENFILADE.

Alternate V4 with team yankee. After May.

Later in year will be firestorm North Africa and firestorm team yankee, both campaigns based on board wargames.


BOTH TY and FoW v4 will have regularly scheduled events every month from April to end of year. Short-term sched TBD before April.

The minions can discuss their wishes for JUN-DEC at Enfilade!

Then the dictator will make his decrees.

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Since Enfilade will be v.3, late war, and OFCC (end of July) will be v.4, MW, I think we have all periods and both versions of FoW rules covered for the year. August and beyond likely to mix all three:


1. Team Yankee, as people build up armies and get a solid campaign. Campaign Based on Red Storm Rising board game.


2. MW n. Africa + v4 rules. Campaign Gazala.


3. LW and EW + v3 rules For themed events. Since v.3 is rich, and most people's comfort zone, I think v3 is where we can be historical and creative at the same time.


4. We could Do Lend-Lease, a mega battle, or some of the other ideas kicked around.


5. As an example, If someone has the talent and energy, we could mix role-playing, humor and wargaming into a one or more movie themes. First that comes to mind is a home-brew Kelly's heroes game. I could take a stab at it, but by myself, my humor style is dry, unless i collaborate. Tag- team creation I can riff oddball humor. The whole design and prep could be a total group creation, even before the actual event. Then the event would be everyone getting together somewhere that we can be rowdy.

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Hello all,

I am recently moved into Vancouver Washington. I am an avid Flames of war player, I have many armies for mid and late war and can ever scrape together a couple of companies for early war. I also started playing Team Yankee recently, I have around 200 points of Americans. I look forward to meeting some new people and rolling some dice( even if they are bad). I have heard that you meet at GG on tuesdays or thursdays around 6?

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TUE at Oregon City Geeks and Games, 6:30-9:30 PM: http://ocgeeksandgames.com/


THU at Guardian Games, Portland, 6:30-10:00 PM: http://www.ggportland.com/calendar/


We have an Early War tournament scheduled for MAR 25, in Portland: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/29699-dogs-of-war-2017-fow-early-war-tournament-mar-25-official-thread/


If the traffic on weeknights is too much of a hardship, we can set something up on a Saturday or Sunday.

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