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  1. Just spitballing here but how about something like: Saurian Firstborn on Alpha Carnosaur Skink Priest Skink BSB 30 Saurian Warriors w/Shield 15 Skinks w/Caiman 6 Raptor Riders 3 Rhampodons 2 Taurasour Stygiossaur 2 Spearback teams Any thoughts? Put one or both Skink characters on a Turasaur? Do Skinks with Caimans even make sense? How to fill out the rest of the list? Regardless, lots of dinos on the table seems fun.
  2. By themselves or in a unit?
  3. Oops
  4. I am getting drunk tonight to practice for next Friday.
  5. Ok, figured out Spearbacks (duh). Really that good, eh?
  6. Ok, now looking at possible SA list with no Toad. What are"Spearbacks" and "Cowboys"?
  7. Character heavy? This is my first list without a character on a Wyvern! :lol:
  8. OK, let's try some lists. If I stick with Orcs and Gobs (yes, Orchard and Bobby was my stupid autocorrect), how about this: Iron Orc Warlord w/Axe of the Aporcalypse, Talisman of Greater Shielding Feral Orc Chief BSB w/Paired Weapons, Glittering Cuirass, Waaarch! Paint Orc Shaman w/Wizard Master, 2 spells, Hero's Sword, Sceptre of Power, Path of Shamanism Cave Goblin Witch Doctor w/2 spells, Dispel Scroll, Path of Witchcraft 30 Cave Goblins w/full command, Spear, Shield, 2 Mad Gits 30 Feral Orc 'Eadbashers w/Full Command, Paired Weapons, Banner of Speed 30 Iron Orcs w/Full Command, War Standard 5 Common Orc Boar Riders w/BsB, Mus, Shields, Lances 10 Common Goblin Raiders w/Mus, Lance, Bow, Gnasher Wrecking Team Gnasher Wrecking Team 12 Gnasher Herd
  9. So, it turns out that I don't actually have all of the Orchard and Bobby models I thought I had. I can still put tone there a decent list but I am considering switching to Saurian Ancientso since no one else is playing them. I have a little bit of everything but can't figure out a solid list. Suggestions?
  10. The Void 7/10 On Netflix. Actually a very well done horror movie along the lines of The Thing. Low budget but effective.
  11. I had better practice.
  12. Now that Ron Howard is directing the Han Solo movie, what part will Clint play?
  13. Wait, vomiting is optional this year?
  14. I might have to take away that A+.
  15. Aww yiss!!!!