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  1. jesselowe

    What's new with Malifaux?

    What two stores are the ones with regular meetups? How long does a regular sized game take?
  2. jesselowe

    Crusader Kings

    Europa's fun, but CK has a lot more personality.
  3. jesselowe

    Crusader Kings

    I did with my French play through once. It led to a somewhat boring game as the French crushed all Europe pretty easily. They already had all of Iberia and England in 14--, so...
  4. jesselowe

    FFG Re Releasing the Star Wars RPG

    I have. It's quite good, though i don't know how well it has aged. Probably buying this.
  5. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    That'll get it done!
  6. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    And it's now available as a Savage Worlds adaptation that's quite a lot of fun. Worth a look. (Actually, pretty much anything Savage Worlds is worth at least a look. Good system.)
  7. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    One of these days I'm going to run a GURPS Dark Heresy game.
  8. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    It very much is! But that does mean making a lot of decisions ahead of time, especially about character creation and campaign assumptions. You can't really just pull a book off the shelf and get running in half an hour like you could with, say, WEG Star Wars. It's really become a toolkit for making your game rather than a game in and of itself. Which is why I love it, but I don't want someone picking it up expecting something plug and play and then being disappointed.
  9. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    GURPS will certainly do it, but unless you go with a prebuilt setting like Transhuman Space, Traveller, or Psi Wars, the GM is going to have a fair bit of groundwork to do before play begins.
  10. jesselowe

    New to the Area

    The Portland Warmachine community is still going strong, though you wouldn't know it from the Ordo forum. I'm not sure where people play in Vancouver, but Mondays at Guardian Games, Wednesdays at Rune and Board in Hillsboro, and Thursdays and Saturdays at Portland Game Store in North Portland are the regular Warmachine nights that I know of. There's also usually one tournament a month. The next one is the Ticket Takedown at Rune & Board on Saturday the 31st; first prize is a ticket to Lock & Load. Tournaments and other events are posted on http://forums.cogcollective.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=df2b54ecbdb4d92cd43acd9a2e5fb0ac The rest of the Cog Collective forum tends to be pretty dead, though. Most of the club chats on GroupMe; show up at a game night and someone will be able to add you to that if you like.
  11. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    It'll be this Sunday the 25th from 1-5, at the back of Critical Sip in Guardian Games. We usually gather once a month, on one of the last two weekends of the month, but the exact day is on a month-by-month basis. I'm not sure I'll be able to make it this month, but Gabe and a couple other guys should be there.
  12. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    Guardian Games, back in the bar. Usually from noon to 5 or so. Check the GG calendar for a reservation for Gabe's Saga or the like.
  13. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    The usual group is about 4-6 guys, and we try to meet once a month (it's all older guys with jobs and families). The next one is probably going to be Sunday the 25th, though it might end up being the 24th.
  14. jesselowe

    Company of Iron previews or reviews

    Update: It's now been released, and the rules are free on the PP website.