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  1. jesselowe

    Anyone playing Fallout Wasteland Warfare

    Not yet... pretty tempting though.
  2. jesselowe

    The Big FAQ

    Coming at it from warmachine where chess clocks are essential to tournament play... try the old timed turn method. Warmachine games at the usual tournament scale should take two hours and about six turns; therefore, each player has 10 minutes per turn, with a 5-minute extension they can use once per game. How long, and how many turns, for a typical 40k tourney game? Speaking from experience, chess clocks and times turns really do kind of depend on one player doing most of the action on their turn. It's possible to flip the clock over to the acting player - for example, defending player rolling saves - but it can get pretty annoying. If players do a lot during the "active player's " turn, chess clocks are better than timed turns.
  3. I believe Red Castle has a pretty regular player base. Not sure what the split is between X-Wing and Armada, though.
  4. jesselowe

    "2D Terrain"

    Coming from the Warmachine side, where we use practically nothing but 2D terrain... It wins on clean play, cost, and convenience. It fails pretty hard on looks, though, and I've had more than a few games where a piece of terrain was misplayed because it was 2D - e.g., someone (me) planned out their turn forgetting that a LOS- and movement-blocking house was blocking their assassination run... The best compromise, IMO, is to have 3D terrain with 2D templates underneath, so that when models move into the terrain or you need to make careful measurements, you can remove the 3D piece and still have the area template to play with.
  5. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    The most recent one was Saturday, unfortunately. The next one is probably the weekend of September 22-23, but that is still up in the air.
  6. jesselowe

    What's new with Malifaux?

    What two stores are the ones with regular meetups? How long does a regular sized game take?
  7. jesselowe

    Crusader Kings

    Europa's fun, but CK has a lot more personality.
  8. jesselowe

    Crusader Kings

    I did with my French play through once. It led to a somewhat boring game as the French crushed all Europe pretty easily. They already had all of Iberia and England in 14--, so...
  9. jesselowe

    FFG Re Releasing the Star Wars RPG

    I have. It's quite good, though i don't know how well it has aged. Probably buying this.
  10. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    That'll get it done!
  11. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    And it's now available as a Savage Worlds adaptation that's quite a lot of fun. Worth a look. (Actually, pretty much anything Savage Worlds is worth at least a look. Good system.)
  12. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    One of these days I'm going to run a GURPS Dark Heresy game.
  13. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    It very much is! But that does mean making a lot of decisions ahead of time, especially about character creation and campaign assumptions. You can't really just pull a book off the shelf and get running in half an hour like you could with, say, WEG Star Wars. It's really become a toolkit for making your game rather than a game in and of itself. Which is why I love it, but I don't want someone picking it up expecting something plug and play and then being disappointed.
  14. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    GURPS will certainly do it, but unless you go with a prebuilt setting like Transhuman Space, Traveller, or Psi Wars, the GM is going to have a fair bit of groundwork to do before play begins.