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  1. jesselowe

    FFG Re Releasing the Star Wars RPG

    I have. It's quite good, though i don't know how well it has aged. Probably buying this.
  2. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    That'll get it done!
  3. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    And it's now available as a Savage Worlds adaptation that's quite a lot of fun. Worth a look. (Actually, pretty much anything Savage Worlds is worth at least a look. Good system.)
  4. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    One of these days I'm going to run a GURPS Dark Heresy game.
  5. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    It very much is! But that does mean making a lot of decisions ahead of time, especially about character creation and campaign assumptions. You can't really just pull a book off the shelf and get running in half an hour like you could with, say, WEG Star Wars. It's really become a toolkit for making your game rather than a game in and of itself. Which is why I love it, but I don't want someone picking it up expecting something plug and play and then being disappointed.
  6. jesselowe

    Sci-fi recommendations.

    GURPS will certainly do it, but unless you go with a prebuilt setting like Transhuman Space, Traveller, or Psi Wars, the GM is going to have a fair bit of groundwork to do before play begins.
  7. jesselowe

    New to the Area

    The Portland Warmachine community is still going strong, though you wouldn't know it from the Ordo forum. I'm not sure where people play in Vancouver, but Mondays at Guardian Games, Wednesdays at Rune and Board in Hillsboro, and Thursdays and Saturdays at Portland Game Store in North Portland are the regular Warmachine nights that I know of. There's also usually one tournament a month. The next one is the Ticket Takedown at Rune & Board on Saturday the 31st; first prize is a ticket to Lock & Load. Tournaments and other events are posted on http://forums.cogcollective.com/viewforum.php?f=7&sid=df2b54ecbdb4d92cd43acd9a2e5fb0ac The rest of the Cog Collective forum tends to be pretty dead, though. Most of the club chats on GroupMe; show up at a game night and someone will be able to add you to that if you like.
  8. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    It'll be this Sunday the 25th from 1-5, at the back of Critical Sip in Guardian Games. We usually gather once a month, on one of the last two weekends of the month, but the exact day is on a month-by-month basis. I'm not sure I'll be able to make it this month, but Gabe and a couple other guys should be there.
  9. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    Guardian Games, back in the bar. Usually from noon to 5 or so. Check the GG calendar for a reservation for Gabe's Saga or the like.
  10. jesselowe

    SAGA New Edition (2018)

    The usual group is about 4-6 guys, and we try to meet once a month (it's all older guys with jobs and families). The next one is probably going to be Sunday the 25th, though it might end up being the 24th.
  11. jesselowe

    Company of Iron previews or reviews

    Update: It's now been released, and the rules are free on the PP website.
  12. jesselowe

    Company of Iron previews or reviews

    Privateer has been releasing videos of staff games on YouTube. I think there are four so far.
  13. It's a bit short notice, but there will be a few tables and a gaggle of players for Saga this afternoon at Guardian back in the bar. Swing by if you're interested in checking the game out or want to play.
  14. jesselowe

    GURPS.. :D??

    I play GURPS and like it quite a bit. At the moment I'm playing in a quick Old West/Kung Fu game, and I'm running an Occult Victorian London game as well. Here's my short take on it. At its heart, GURPS is quite simple: Your character has Attributes and Skills rated from 1 to infinity (but more likely, from 9 to around 20), with average skill at 10 or so. To do something, you roll 3d6 against a particular skill, plus or minus modifiers for equipment, environment, etc. If you roll less than your modified skill, you succeed. Past that, it's got a LOT more depth. How much depth is up to the play group. You can play just about anything with the two core books (Characters and Campaigns), but there are literally hundreds of supplements, covering stuff from Ancient Rome to how to build a magic system to, if you really, really like detail, the Fairbairn Combat System. There are also many, many decisions for the GM to make at the start of the game, from what skills (out of around 300!) to allow to how many points characters should be built on - and that's before you get into the usual setting and story building you find in most RPGs. That's just the cost of using a system that can do anything: you have to trim away the stuff that does what you don't want before you get down to play, or you'll just get bogged down. Which is why, if someone's interested in the system, I recommend picking up something that's already made a bunch of those decisions for you. There are at present three options for this: GURPS Lite is the usual entry point recommended by SJ Games. I think it's not the best, as it came out back when 4th edition came out, but it's free and it does introduce you to the system. Note that it is not particularly "light" - it's a full system, just with a lot of the options and such left out. Grab that and you can run a good modern-day or no-magic historical adventure; say, zombie survival or a bank heist, or a piratical treasure hunt. I'd recommend something along those lines so the setting is familiar and you can focus on the system and how it plays. If you like Discworld, there's the Discworld Roleplaying Game. This takes GURPS and lovingly adapts it to Terry Pratchett's Discworld. It's complete in and of itself, and while you can use other GURPS books with it, there's no need for it. Finally, the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game should be showing up on store shelves fairly soon. (My kickstarter copy should arrive this week!) It's a boxed set in the vein of classic OSR D&D, which is the genre it models. If you like D&D, this is the entry point I'd suggest for GURPS. Or you can just dive in by buying the core set and (I highly recommend) How to Be A GURPS GM. You can also find a lot of information on the SJ Games GURPS Forum. Fair warning: A lot of the posters there have been playing GURPS for a loooong time and love to get into absurd levels of detail, which I find a little off-putting. TL:DR: GURPS is good, but can be complex. Start simple. Anyway, that's my short intro for GURPS. Here's some more random details: Characters are built on a point budget from 25 (average joe) to however big you want; a good range for competent adventurers is from 150 to 250. From this point budget they buy up Attributes (which every character has), Advantages, and Skills. They can get more points by taking on Disadvantages. Skills are based on Attributes - for example, spending 2 points gets you Shortsword at the same level as your Dexterity Attribute, while spending 8 points gets you DX+2. There are also subskills (Techniques or Specialties), and Advantages and Disadvantages can be modified by various enhancements and limiters. Combat can be extremely detailed. It takes place in 1-second turns, which can take some getting used to (for example, firing a bow takes three turns: draw arrow, nock arrow, shoot bow). It's also best played out on a hex map for anything with multiple combatants, though that's not necessary. There is a hit location chart that can be used, so called shots (e.g., to the heart) are baked in, and there are various damage types (crushing, cutting, piercing, etc.). Basically, it can be as complex as you like - or it can be as simple as an opposed combat skill check so you can get on with non-combat stuff. (Also, there's an entire supplement devoted to grappling.) By default, GURPS plays best for larger-than-life but not mythical heroes in a setting that acts in most regards like the real world, with gravity and physics and all that. I probably wouldn't use it to run Nobilis or Sandman, and I'd think real hard before using it for, say, Wraith: the Oblivion. But it's been used to run superheroes and Watership Down, so there's a fair bit of flexibility there. It really shines for modern-day action like Die Hard or the Bourne movies. It's also very much a simulationist system, unlike something like Fate Core which puts story before physics. There are options to make it more story-driven, but they're not the default, and they can feel a bit tacked on. Although SJ Games now makes most of its money via Munchkin and the like, it still supports GURPS and there's still a solid player base. The aforementioned forum is probably the best place to find more information. Almost all GURPS supplements are available as PDFs on Warehouse 23. They're not available on Drivethru or other venues for... uh, reasons. I guess. SJ Games has been in business for a long time, so I assume they know what they're doing even if I'd do it differently... They also tend to be a bit more expensive than PDFs from other companies. Some supplements are available as POD, and a few are conventionally available as hard copies in your FLGS. On the other hand... GURPS books are invariably beautifully edited and indexed. There is a regular PDF magazine for GURPS called Pyramid. It's also available through Warehouse 23. I believe it's monthly.