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  1. deadwing34

    PAX West

    Yah I used to go for a few years, its a crazy cool event but it just got harder and harder to get tickets and the lines for all of the cool stuff just keep getting longer. For now I prefer to go to OFCC, Gamestorm or the Retro Gaming Expo local smaller events.
  2. Yah when I ordered mine for some reason cup holders were not a option, but such a baller option haha.
  3. Yah I prefer just using a metal sheet way more versatile and you can fit more in as well. I have never had a problem fitting any size 2000p army in mine either AoS or 40k.
  4. Yah I know, that's why I got the biggest one, have never had a problem fitting 2000+ in my full size one and I don't travel for events on planes anyway.
  5. That's the advantage of the half case it was designed to fit as a carry on.
  6. deadwing34

    Return of the Beastmen?

    To be fair there are a ton of older Fantasy armies that have not had an update since AoS started, it will take a long time for all of them to get updated with new books and/or new models. Some like Legions of Nagash just get an updated book and no new models but the army is way more playable now, or we get a bigger update like Maggotkin with a mix of new/old models or then you have stuff like Overlords with all new models and rules. I think GW is doing a great job so far with the releases for AoS we are kinda getting the best of all scenarios. If you compare it to the release cycle so far for 8th edition 40k it tends to be more rules updates only and less brand new armies.
  7. Yep a few people asked about my Tablewar case as well and I love mine, I pointed them in your direction. If only you had a half size one I would get a second one.
  8. Oh sweet good to know i usually park at the underground pay parking a block away, this good news.
  9. deadwing34

    To OFCC I go

    Crap no one told me we had to bring our own tables...
  10. deadwing34

    What time does the hall open tomorrow?

    Official website says 10am Friday and 9am on Sat and Sun.
  11. No problem thanks for the heads up.
  12. deadwing34

    Return of the Beastmen?

    I do think we will gets Grots, Beastman and Slaves to Darkness soon. I think Grots will be the biggest of these releases. But like I said that just looking into my crystal ball.
  13. deadwing34

    Return of the Beastmen?

    My guess is they will get 3 endless spells a new battletomb and some model repacks, but that's just a guess.
  14. deadwing34

    T9A OFCC 2018

    In a bizarre twist of fate, 40k is now using movement trays so it is actually closer to 9th age than it is to Age of Sigmar. For the record 40k stole their new edition from Age of Sigmar! HAHA!
  15. deadwing34

    Kill Team pick up games at OFCC

    Yep you can definitely use 12 Fire warriors, The base cost for 12 would be 96 points (without any upgrades). The game is always played at 100 points max. My kill team of Tactical Marines and Scouts is only 7 models. You have to play between 3 and 20 models.