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  1. Any AoS players in Gresham?

    I am not in Gresham but I do live in SE close to 205 and Powell. I have just finished an upgrade project on my basement as well, willing to check out Nexus as well.
  2. Ughhhhhh

    Going to the beach next weekend lets home and pray for sub 100 degree weather at the beach haha!
  3. Post OFCC ITC rankings

    I can say thankful I have never had to face either of you on the line of Battle....haha!
  4. Gauging Interest in an AoS Army Grow league

    I would be into this too, but I would most likely use my already built and painted Chaos force.
  5. 8th Ed Pre League from 7/11 through 7/25

    Cool thanks, didn't want to be pushy but I really want to start playing in a league and get some more 40k 8th games in (only 2 so far haha) thanks.
  6. 8th Ed Pre League from 7/11 through 7/25

    Any word on details of this like date and format yet, thanks all.
  7. A special thanks goes out to all of the 9th age guys for allowing an AoS guy hang out and talk METAL and gaming. I also really enjoyed beating you at Munchkin...haha!
  8. Thanks Ordo/OFCC/Keith will be coming back next year for sure! Despite only having 10 players total I never played against the same opponent more than once and I had some great balanced match ups. Most importantly everyone I played against were great sportsman, yes even the Sylvaneth players...
  9. I am not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but the start time is at 10am for both days of this event. See everyone tomorrow!
  10. Love mine makes life easy as long as my model has magnets that is.
  11. My display board is my tablewar case....easy...haha. I have always envied these display boards can't wait to check them out this year.
  12. I just got it the mail the brand new kickstarter Tiny Epic Quest, I am throwing that in my bag as well, anyone down for gaming right at 1pm on Friday? I am not sure where I will try and set things up at for board gaming.
  13. Ok other ticket is gone now. Looks like we have around 10 confirmed for the event so far!
  14. In addition to Pax's ticket that has already been taken. We have one more free ticket up for grabs for whoever wants it. Please let me know soon.
  15. Game Changing... Again!

    This sounds so awesome, cant wait, not much longer now.