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  1. Shadespire in November

    The next GW Skirmish Sunday will be on December 3rd starting at noon at Geeks and Games in OC. We will be playing Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire and potentially Necromunda Underhive as well (it depends if I can get it all put together in time). Once again anyone is welcome to join even if you have never played either game. Hope to see you all there.
  2. Shadespire in November

    Ok cool will do, I am planning on running these events once a month, at this point not sure on exact day yet. Most likely the 2nd or 9th of December, but not set in stone yet. Would love to have more people playing this awesome game. We had 4 people show up last time.
  3. Return of Necromunda?

    Wow I could see GW bringing Squats back in the Necromunda setting.
  4. Return of Necromunda?

    Got my pre-order in for the base game box. Just a heads up you can get a 15% discount if you pre-order from Red Castle Games. I personally am excited for the board game aspect and being able to play it as a full miniature war game with 3D terrain.
  5. Shadespire in November

    That's too bad. There are some great quick rules explanation video on youtube as well. The game plays very different from other warhammer games for sure.
  6. Shadespire in November

    Shadespire Sunday! Starting at noon this Sunday (11/12) at Geek & Games in OC we will be playing and teaching Shadespire for all of those interested. I personally have the core game and both expansions that I will be bringing. Feel free to come down if you already have a Warband or even if you have never played before. The game plays from 2 to 4 players. Hope to see you all there. FYI: I am going to try and run this event once a month and may expand it into GW Skirmish Sunday once Necromunda comes out.
  7. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    That place can be very scary for little children, maybe not the best idea...haha!
  8. Shadespire in November

    Let me see about that day, I think Sunday might work better for me plus I will have all 4 of the Warbands as well.
  9. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    Actually right now I am super excited about this idea, this sounds awesome and would get me out to more tournaments. I think my son would totally be up for this and would be much easier to convince my wife that its "family time" haha! I need to go bond with my son (daughter) here ok...haha!
  10. Shadespire Factions

    In the core rulebook they talk about 8 warbands. All of the ones you have mentioned. The two you are missing are another Stormcast faction consisting on ranged fighters and another Bloodbound faction with a fleshhound. Most people are speculating that Shadespire is just one setting of many Warhammer Underworld settings. The goal is that potentially all major AoS factions will get a least one Warband. I hope that helps. But at a minimum right now everyone thinks there will be at least 8 Warbands. Two more are coming for sure at the start of next year.
  11. Parent/Child 'Learn'-ament

    Could be fun my son already plays 40k with me but he is also nearly 13 now. But he has never played in a Tournament before. I think teams of 2 would be cool. One parent child team vs. another parent child team.
  12. Shadespire in November

    I might be able to to make one day this week work, Red Castle Games or Geeks and Games are usually better locations for me. I may be able to make wen, thursday or Sunday work. Long term I was thinking some tournaments for this could be a lot of fun.
  13. Shadespire in November

    Yah a few people are waiting for the faction they are interested in to come out before they decide to jump in. I guess I am just too much of a GW fanboy they all look good to me so far haha! Currently all of the customization comes from deck building and not from being able to choose models for your warband. But there looks to be a lot of options for deck building with over 400 cards in the Shadespire setting.
  14. Shadespire in November

    I have played 4 games so far and I am planning on picking up both expansions that are coming out this Saturday. I even got in one 3p game. The game plays very well at that player count too. I am really enjoying my time with the game. My son really loves playing as well and wants to paint up his own Undead Warband now.
  15. Shadespire in November

    Yep its a ton of fun and Warband expansions are only 30 bucks.