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  1. deadwing34

    T9A OFCC 2018

    I just wanted to point out that there is no Haiku requirement in the Age of Sigmar OFCC event...only kidding guys...a little playful rivalry ok!
  2. deadwing34

    Ready to crack this mirror

    Get your ticket for the OFCC Friday Shadespire Event while they still last haha!
  3. deadwing34

    Nurgle vs Rogue Traders Board Game

    Actually if you read the FAQ thing at the end of the article they say that it will basically be an expansion of Kill Team which is cool.
  4. Get your tickets now if you are interested in coming, we got less than 2 months now till the event. I really want to have this event every year and look forward to meeting all of the passionate Shadespire players in the area!
  5. Sweet we will be getting new player boards (with traps) and the leader card pack before (coming out July 14th) OFCC. Should make for a great event. I also have all 8 Warbands completely painted now, I will bring them all with me to OFCC if someone needs to borrow a warband for the event. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/28/white-dwarf-preview-updates-for-warhammer-board-games/
  6. Necromunda Underhive $105 OBO Game comes with all pieces and everything is in excellent condition. Everything is built and at least primed. All of the terrain is fully painted and I started on painting one of the gangs. Each gang member for both gangs has a custom identifier on there base to easily tell them apart, it was some brass etch I found online. Also including White Dwarf Necromunda issue and extra miniatures bits in case you want to change up the load outs. I also have the full Gang War supplement as well. Everything will be careful packaged up to prevent damage. WH40K Conquest Card Game $30 OBD Comes with all pieces and everything is in great condition. Also comes with both large expansions: The Great Devourer and Legions of Death. The game has been out of print for months now. Primarus Space Marines from Dark Imperium $80 OBO I have a complete set of Primarus Marines from Dark Imperium. They are all fully assembled, primed and there bases are magnetized for transport. Send me a PM if you are interested, not wanting trades just want cash or paypal. I am in SE Portland.
  7. So you are planning on coming out to have fun.....good you should totally show up and play haha!
  8. Yah Magors are pretty strong right now, but Fireslayers took the top spot in the last big tournament in the UK. I am hoping that the leader card pack gets released before OFCC. I think the games is pretty balanced compared to other GW games. But I think part of the goal with the card pack is to help balance out some of the other factions, its a really simple/cheap way to balance out the game.
  9. I have finalized more of the details about prize support for this event, please see main post for more details. Please grab a ticket now if you are interested. I am nearly done painting all 8 of the warbands. If anyone asks real nice I may let people borrow one for the event, if you don't have time to get yours painted up. Though most likely I will play with my Fireslayers for the event if I get to play.
  10. deadwing34

    Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars Trading Thread

    I am getting the soul wars set and I am not really interested in a trade. I am willing to sell off all of the SCE stuff. Send me a PM if you are interested.
  11. deadwing34

    Got your OFCC tickets yet?

    Yep bought my AoS ticket and I am running the Shadespire event on Friday!
  12. deadwing34


    I second Westrider's opinion. The game plays very fast (30 to 60 min per game), but each decision if very tactical because you only get 12 activations total. Right now is a perfect time to jump in and start playing, all of the current wave of warbands are all out now. Each warband has a thing they excel in but that can be adjusted by your deck build. Some people that have played blood bowl and this game compare it to it. I think mainly because of support mechanic in this game. I am the one running Friday OFCC event if you have any specific questions please send them my way.
  13. deadwing34

    AoS 2nd Edition

    I don't have a problem with GW dropping support for old armies and models they no longer produce anymore. Its nice that they are giving players an option to play with those old "out of print" models with the Narrative only option.
  14. deadwing34

    AoS 2nd Edition

    I have been following closely on Warhammer Community all of the changes coming to AoS 2.0 and yes it is going to be slightly more complicated but no where near the levels of 40k. Also all of the warscroll changes, point changes (via scrollbuilder) and core rule changes will be free. Worse case it looks like you might have to buy the new Generals Handbook. I personally can't wait.
  15. deadwing34

    From the personal collection of Robin Williams

    Are these all old FW titans?