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  1. Just wanted to pass along information about at upcoming WHU Shadespire tournament. They have the full organized play kit that they are giving out at a prizes....and they have beer! Hope to see some of you there. Basic Information for the Tournament... -Where?: Geek & Games, 1656-C Beavercreek Rd, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 - When?: Sat. 14th / 11:30PM - 4:30PM - How Much?: $10 Entry fee ... - What do I need?: Your Warband, a set of Shadespire Dice, one official Shadespire gameboard, sufficient tokens, a printed copy of your decklist. - Schedule: - Sign-up: 11:30am - 12:00pm - Round 1: 12:00 - 1:00 - Lunch: 1:00 - 1:45 - Round 2: 1:45 - 2:45 - Round 3: 2:45 - 3:45 - Award Ceremony: 4:00 - 4:30 https://www.facebook.com/events/1737102116357483/
  2. I just wanted to get the word out about a weekly Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire game night at Geeks & Games in Oregon City. It take place on every Tuesday at 6:30pm to 9:30pm (some people show up even earlier). Last week we had 6 people all playing. This is just a casual thing not a league, just people getting together and playing some games. Personally I am willing to teach anyone how to play and I have all of the Warbands released so far, for people to try out. With 2 more Warbands coming out soon, that puts us at 8 total Warbands and GW has already said there are more coming. Its a great time to get out and play this amazing, strategic and fast paced game. The store also has the full organized play kit and is planning to run a tournament soon. Did I mention the store also has beer and cider as well..haha! Phone: (503) 650-5008 Geeks & Games 1656 C Beavercreek Rd. Oregon City, Or 97045 http://ocgeeksandgames.com/
  3. deadwing34

    SPDM: ShadeSpire at Card Kingdom 3/31

    Oh yah I forgot about that reason, I think you are right. Ideally they would have a generic card pack expansion that would come out with each expansion. Rumors are they will come out with board only releases as well. I really wish they would explain in detail the plans for Warhammer Underworlds after these next two expansions that come out on the 14th of this month. I do play with more than 1 Warband at a time with my son but have not felt the need to buy more than I expansion. I just make due with all of the generic cards that I have in my expansions (I own 1 copy of all of the expansions released so far).
  4. deadwing34

    SPDM: ShadeSpire at Card Kingdom 3/31

    Another important thing to keep in mind, that you are never allowed to use more that 1 copy of each card in your decks. So there is never a reason to buy more than 1 expansion ever. Unlike X-Wing where you can have up to 3 cards in your deck forcing you to potentially purchase 3 expansions just to get 1 card. Plus with each expansion you get a fully usable Warband. Overall its a really good system. I would still love to see GW make a season one card pack that comes with all of the generic cards from the set.
  5. deadwing34

    SPDM: ShadeSpire at Card Kingdom 3/31

    There have been several international tournaments and the warband spread has been very good so far. Also as each expansion comes out you get 30 generic cards that can make older warbands better. So the meta keeps changing with each expansion that comes out which is really cool.
  6. Tickets are officially up for sale now and have been reduced in price to $15 dollar, yippee! There are 30 spots available.
  7. deadwing34

    Return of Kill Team

    This looks good, did anyone notice the D10 and it says it is not based on 8th edition rules looks to be its own animal all together.
  8. Great sounds good, I am hopeful for a good turnout. I added August to the event description.
  9. There will be a Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire 3 round event at OFCC this year and I hope everyone that is playing this fantastic, fast paced, tactical game can make it out to play. Rules and information for the event: -Ticket purchase link: -Tournament will take place at OFCC on Friday August 24th 2018 starting at 1pm (end time roughly 6pm). -We will use the standard matched play rules from the core rules, meaning that each round you will play the same opponent for up to 3 games. As soon as one player wins 2 games the round is over. We will be playing 3 rounds. -Each round will be 90 min, so potentially 30 min per game (we will most likely play things a little loose on game times to allow people to finish up). -Each player must use the same Warband and deck build throughout the tournament. All players must submit a desk list and upload it to the app (this can be as simple as a picture of all of your cards). -Players must use the appropriate miniatures represented on their fighter cards. Minor conversions are acceptable but they still must be easily identifiable as the miniatures represented on their fighter cards. -All Warbands must be fully painted and based per standard OFCC guidelines. -All players are required to bring their own warband, decks, dice, tokens and game boards. -I will be using Best Coast Pairings (bestcoastpairings.com) for all player pairings. Its helpful if you already have a profile setup before the event but not necessary. -There will be prizes for placement, best painted warband and sportsmanship. Other Links: Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1622556014526621/ Best Coast Pairings Event Link: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/95q44qh5 OFCC Link: http://www.ofccgaming.com/
  10. deadwing34

    GG AoS Game Night

    Its actually on Tuesdays and I have heard that people are showing up for it 4-5 people.
  11. deadwing34

    How to start AoS?

    Welcome to AoS Brother G. if you want a game just let me know. I assume you know about the AoS app as well it has all of the warscrolls and basic rules for the game, they are all free. Army specific special rules are contained within the Battletomb and in some cases inside GH2017. Also pretty much everyone is playing matched play typically at 2000p. What army did you end up picking up?
  12. deadwing34

    GG AoS Game Night

    Wow even the mighty Guardian Games can't get people to play AoS haha only kidding. I know a few people that are considering showing up at GG on Tuesdays to play. I think the most active AoS community is over at Geeks and Games in Oregon City on Friday nights, they have upwards of 10 plus people show up. I am hopeful that we can get more people in the area playing AoS because it is a ton of fun.
  13. deadwing34

    Co Op Games

    Imperial Assault and Mansions of Madness love them both, the app is brilliant.
  14. deadwing34

    AoS OFCC interest

    Great good to hear, hoping it will catch on more. I think a Friday event will be about perfect and there should be quite a few warbands out by August and hopefully more people playing as well.
  15. deadwing34

    AoS OFCC interest

    Yah I think he is planning a two day event 5 games total. So you would not be able to play in both 40k and AoS unless they have some separate Friday events which they did last year. Speaking of Friday events I will be running a Friday Shadespire event, specifically to not interfere with any of the big events on Saturday or Sunday.