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Curiousity... Orcs with shields?

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14 hours ago, Zeev said:

Mathed out the only units core orcs beat, point for point, are undead and dread elf spears. That actually gets worse when using sword and board...then you only beat the undead. It also takes 9 rounds of combat to do so on average...

So then you really dont lose much in the way of killing power when you take shields. The strength is in the static combat res. The shields simply allow you to survive a bit better.

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1 hour ago, Grensche said:

Would Black Orcs with paired weapons be best or sword and shield? I'm assembling some black orcs and I was curious..

Actually, Iron Orcs (aka Black Orcs) come equipped with hand weapon / shield, paired weapons, and great weapons as standard gear, and they have Weapon Master, meaning you can pick which you want to fight with at the beginning of combat. So just build them to look cool!

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