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  1. I live in Auburn, it's about 45 minutes south of Seattle. I would love to learn/play a game with you guys. We could meet at one of the gaming stores in Seattle, I'm currently trying to accrue sick leave so I can pick a day to call in sick and hope a gaming store will have people playing Warhammer in them at noon.
  2. I vaguely remember playing WFB when I was a kid, but I don't know what version it was since I was 10 (I'm 33 now). But, I have 8th edition rulebook and O&G army book... I never played 8th edition but I'm still waiting for someone that is willing to show me the ropes. :)
  3. @Varlan Nice, I'll send you a message when I have a free weekend.
  4. Thanks for the mention @Andrewgeddon! Sorry I'm not so active on the Ordo Fanaticus forum. Welcome @Varlan! I live in Auburn, so I'm a bit south from you but Im new to both WFB (8th edition) and T9A. And looking for people to play. My schedule is pretty tight because of work, so a Saturday is the day I'm available if I'm not working OT, I can meet you at Heroic Knight Games if that's a good half way point.
  5. That's a good idea, I wanted to start out something basic for when I learn the game and I think this will do very nicely. Thanks! Afterwards is when I can start brain storming ideas of what units I want.
  6. Currently this is what I have in my possession. Boyz (Shootaz, Slugga & Choppa) - 80 Nobz - 20 Burna Boyz - 4 War Boss - 5 Deff Dread - 1 Ork Trukk - 1 (needs to be painted and assembled) Deff Kopta - 5 I'm sure I'll put together a small army to learn the game and afterwards I'll plan out what I want to further build up my green tide.
  7. Thank you @SigurdBC So far from reading the rulebook it does seem to be stream lined enough for an easy flow. I have a basic understanding on what goes on during each phase of the turn and watched a couple YouTube videos on some battle reports. My Orks are very excited to finally get their boots on the ground and run amok!
  8. Ok. Well I never got a chance to play 40k, so I'm new. I'm trying to aim for next Saturday as I go to my local GW store to learn how to play, very excited for this.
  9. I finally grabbed a copy of 8th edition after noticing I have a decent size of Orks through out the years. I never had the chance to play 40k, let a lone 8th edition. What should I be expecting of 8th edition and is it fun?
  10. Exactly @TheBeninator a good quote from English poet Thomas Gray "Ignorance is bliss, Tis folly to be wise."
  11. That I do not know. I emailed them once but no response, I'll give them a call once my armies are up to snuff. I don't have facebook (permanently deleted it), I believe @ClassicFlava is your go-to guy in all things KoW in Seattle.
  12. There is a Facebook group for KoW players in the Washington area that is active. I personally don't use Facebook as I prefer boards like Ordo. Most FLGS in my area are MTG heavy, even though I did check out Blind Dragon Hobbies (in Kent) per @TheBeninator suggestion and they do have all open wargaming (WFB, T9A, 40K, KoW, etc.) on Sundays.
  13. @TheBeninator No, I really want to go once I have my army up whether its my KoW or WFB Orc Army. I haven't been painting much lately, I put together some KoW Orc Gore Riders the other day.
  14. I personally don't go to Seattle because it's a nightmare to drive through. I never been to Blind Dragon Hobbies, I know Heroic Knight Games in Issaquah looks like the ultimate place to play both 40K, WFB, and quite possibly T9A and KoW if anyone can confirm. Game Matrix in Tacoma seems to be a good place to play any wargame and from what I remember Terracrux Games is bringing 40K to their store. But anything between Seattle and Tacoma is practically a dead zone or MTG cash cows.
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