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OFCC Photos

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Here is a link to my Facebook album containing all the pics I took during the event:



You should be able to see them even if you are not on Facebook (which I completely understand), or if we are not friends (much harder to understand). :)


Please let me know if you would like me to add you, so you can also add pics taken during the event.


They are not perfect, but should give you a sense of what it was like this weekend.

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I daresay between Ricky's army and Scott's army we have two of the finest WFB armies on the face of the planet present at our very own OFCC!  Pretty cool :)

One of my favorite one-liners of the weekend was when I think Mach_5 started saying (about LoF's Dark Elves) "I love seeing this army it's inspiring, it makes me want to..." and thatdave cut in, "... quit?"  Haha, exactly, I think we're all torn between being inspired to step up our own painting, and just throwing in the towel :)

Beautiful work both you guys, it was a pleasure to play against you Ricky!  Well except for the pounding headache I got trying to figure out the snotling spitter rules!  No, it was NOT a whisky hangover dammit!

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