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    I showed it to my kids and all of them laughed. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  2. My Rat Ogre from ForgeWorld arrived today and it looks nicer in the package, but I don't like the pose. : (
  3. Citadel Saw? I'm waiting for the Citadel Private Equity Buyout myself.
  4. Anyone up for a friendly match today sometime before 230pm?
  5. I'm tracking the Blood Bowl content that shows up in issues of White Dwarf Magazine every month. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/bloodbowlwd I'll continue to update this as new issues are released.
  6. I am also available for a friendly game on Sunday now. Any takers?
  7. Anyone willing to play a Friendly Match on Saturday sometime between 930am-2pm? My Skaven team is the Super League and I have a couple of Missed Next Games to work off before my next match on Thursday. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work off the MNG, earn some extra cash, and spend more time learning the game.
  8. Rat Ogre comes in the Ratmen set with the four Gutter Runners. You mix and match roles to use.
  9. Related - this launched today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/willy-miniatures/fantasy-football-ratmen-team-by-willy-miniatures?ref=hero_thanks
  10. I'll do Skaven as I picked up two boxes to asemble and paint. I haven't played since...wow, 2nd edition? 1988? Put me into the newbs tier.
  11. Thank you, pretre! Much appreciated.
  12. I just stopped by Guardian Games during lunch and was surprised to see three boxes of Skaven up front. I bought one (I have two boxes now to get four Gutter Runners on a team) and there are at least two boxes left for sale. It looks like about a dozen 2016 Edition boxed games and maybe half a dozen Death Zone books.
  13. Right now, I am seeing some Skaven packs on eBay at or below list price.
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