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  1. Hi everyone. I have uploaded a new version of my Blood Bowl Reference Guide. Blood Bowl Reference Guide http://bit.ly/bbrefguide v0.98 (28 May 2017) * Added references to new content in Death Zone Season Two * Updated design with improved section headers * Alphabetized the topics in Teams, Leagues, & Tournaments * Added new GW release teams to list * Added new test teams available in the My Dugout smartphone app * Added Argue the Call to Fouling section * Fixed several page number errors for Death Zone Season One * Updated Underworld Renegades to Underworld Denizens * Move bulleted text items to single text areas for ease of design updating * Updated the link to the new version of the Blood Bowl Teams of Legend (v4) * Indicated that the 4 minute time limit per coach is an optional rule * Precision alignment of boxes, spaces, headers, etc.
  2. pistachio


    I showed it to my kids and all of them laughed. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
  3. My Rat Ogre from ForgeWorld arrived today and it looks nicer in the package, but I don't like the pose. : (
  4. Citadel Saw? I'm waiting for the Citadel Private Equity Buyout myself.
  5. I just uploaded a new version of the PDF at http://bit.ly/bbrefguide v0.97 (28 February 2017) * Changed design for improved legibility on non-color printers * Re-organized Miscellaneous (Page 4) to make better use of space * Added note in Improvements on Skills And Tables (Page 5) that rolling doubles on 2D6 allows for greater skill options * Minor layout and design tweaks
  6. I uploaded a new version of the PDF at http://bit.ly/bbrefguide v0.96 (25 February 2017) * Updated design with new box style, colors, fonts, and header banners
  7. Whoops, fixed. Thank you for letting me know.
  8. I just uploaded a new version of the PDF at http://bit.ly/bbrefguide v0.95 (23 February 2017) * Added a variety of corrections submitted by Darren Olson & Tim Harr from the Two Dice Uphill Podcast * Added a variety of corrections submitted by Steve (not sure which one) from the Both Down Podcast * Added text to clarify that the Post-Match section in the Sequence of Play is for League play only * Changed the name of the Blocking section to Blocking & Blitzing so that it’s easier to find Blitz rules while scanning through as a new player * Added note in Improvements that rolling doubles on 2D6 allows for greater skill options * Added note than a player conceding the match must give their MVP roll to the other player and they get no winnings * Clarified that Dodge modifiers are calculated based on the square moving into, not from * Clarified that an Interception attempt roll takes place before the Pass attempt roll * Clarified that all Casualties are out for remainder of the match * Clarified that a Blitz action costs 1 MA at the start of the action * Clarified that you can stand and Blitz * Clarified that Blitz actions do not require a Block * Clarified that a Blitz action Follow Up does not count against Movement Allowance * Clarified that players can lose their tackle zones due to game effects * Clarified that you can make two Go For It attempts per Action * Clarified that if a pass is unsuccessful and not a fumble or the intended destination is empty, it is an Inaccurate Pass * Clarified that If the ball lands in a square occupied by a standing player, an attempt to catch the ball must be made * Clarified that each coach rolls a D6 to determine the number of Special Play Cards they receive * Clarified that a hand-off not caught by moving team after ball comes to rest is a Turnover * Added a note about the Human Nobility and Savage Orcs test teams added to the My Dugout smartphone app * Fixed miscellaneous typos * Minor layout tweaks v0.94 (12 February 2017) * Added a variety of corrections submitted by Twelfman from the Anything But A One! Podcast
  9. I just uploaded a revision to the PDF. v0.93 (11 February 2017) - Added a one-page quick reference page for advanced players - Fixed a variety of typos and ambiguities submitted by Brandon Alderman
  10. I am posting an update today that will include a single page quick reference sheet aimed more at advanced players at the end of the PDF.
  11. Anyone up for a friendly match today sometime before 230pm?
  12. I just uploaded a revision to the PDF. v0.91 (6 February 2017) * Incorporated the Games Workshop Death Zone Season One Errata – the revised Pre-Match Sequence on Page 1 * Typo: “Before Turnover switcher to…” to “switches” on Page 1 * Renamed Scattered Ball to Inaccurate Pass and fixed typo from D6 to D8 on Page 3 * Fixed the Armor Roll Modifiers for Fouls on Page 4 * Added a mention of the two additional Special Play Cards decks (Magical Memorabilia and Heroic Feats) on Page 4 * Fixed the description of the Thick Skill skill on Page 5 * Added link to Games Workshop Blood Bowl errata files on Page 6
  13. I have uploaded the first version of my newly created Blood Bowl Reference Guide. I would love to collect feedback from people on how to improve this document, especially if you find any errors that need to be fixed. My email address is in the bottom left corner on the last page of the downloadable PDF. This is the best way to reach me for corrections. Building this Reference Guide was a big part of how I re-learned Blood Bowl after a 25 year hiatus. I hadn't played since Second Edition back in the late 1980s. I'm no expert, so I suspect there will be some errors that I will need to correct. http://bit.ly/bbrefguide Thank you.
  14. I'm tracking the Blood Bowl content that shows up in issues of White Dwarf Magazine every month. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/bloodbowlwd I'll continue to update this as new issues are released.
  15. I am also available for a friendly game on Sunday now. Any takers?
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