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  1. Sorry everyone, but due to a lack of ticket sales the event has been cancelled.
  2. The Games List has been updated. Give me a bit and I'll post links to good videos and places to play them locally.
  3. Wish I could do Thursdays, but both the missis and I work swing/grave that day. Would people be willing to play on a Friday or Saturday at, idk, almost any local game store?
  4. Love the models and the theme. Haven't picked it up yet. I already have a lot of niche miniature games.
  5. Who's all playing? Where are you playing? What crews are you playing? The missis and I are looking for more players that are willing to kick our butts from time to time. She primarily plays Joker right now but also has Titans, and I have League of Assassins, Organized Crime, and JLD.
  6. The missis and I have models but don't play much. Probably will play more when the next core set comes out.
  7. They just announced two more factions: The Galactic Republic and Separatists.
  8. Ordo Boardo! The OFCC Board Game Challenge Do you have what it takes to bring it on the player mat? Can you defeat your opponents with your best Meeple placement? Will your dice rolls bring you glory before all? Find out at this year’s Ordo Boardo: OFCC’s Board Game Challenge!  When: OFCC 2019, Saturday, August 17th  Where: The Hilton in Downtown Vancouver Number of Players: 24 Cost: $20 Number of rounds: 3 Schedule: Round 1: 9:30am - 12:30pm Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:30pm Round 2: 1:30pm - 4:30pm Round 3: 4:30pm - 7:30pm The Nitty Gritty: The Ordo Boardo is designed to test your skills with cardboard and meeples. Players will play three games during the day out of a possible six games listed. You won't play the same games twice. Instead, there will be six, four person stations each with its own board game, and you will be assigned to a station each round. Round one will have random assignments, followed by table assignments based off of TP (Tournament Points). TP will be rewarded based off performance as follows: First- 5 TP Second- 3 TP Third- 1 TP Fourth- 0 TP If there is a tie between two players for the top three spots the first deciding factor will be differential between a game the tied players both played (example: if both players played game X whoever did better in defeating their opponents will be declared the winner). However, if the two tied players have not played a similar game then it will go to a Sudden Death round in which the players will battle in a short game of my choosing! The Games: Alrighty, so I am a couple days late and a single game short to announce, but I figured I'd give you the first 5 now so you can start playing! I will have game six by this weekend, I just need to play one more game first. 1. Concordia 2. Scythe 3. Champions of Midgard 4. Great Western Trail 5. Tzolkin 6. Kingsburg IMPORTANT: I want to give everyone plenty of time to familiarize themselves with the games on this list. The expectation for the players is that you will have an understanding of the rules for EACH GAME ON THE LIST. I will be there for rules clarification only. Please do not come to this event and expect a rules explanation for each of the games. I will link every game to its BGG page, a video of how to play the game (and if there isn’t a video I will make one), and a sponsored store who has a copy of the game on their demo shelves. It is on the players to make sure they know how to play the game before the day of the event, both for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of everyone participating. Awards: The top three players will be given awards according to their placement: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (More on this TBA) Prizes: To be announced at a later time, but what we have planned should be pretty awesome! The Ordo Boardo- We bring the cardboard, you bring your game! PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!
  9. Looking to sell the N3 Infinity rulebook. I ended up with two, and with me moving I don't want to pack it. Send me an offer. Edit: I ended up packing this copy by mistake. It is going to be awhile until I can find it. Currently Pax has first dibs then Natefoo.
  10. Not going to make tonight. Emmy has a puppy romp at 16:45 for more training and socializing. Next week, gadget!
  11. No as I cannot? Or no as there isn't a problem?
  12. Anyone have a problem with me bringing my puppy to help with socialization. She will be on a leash the whole time.
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