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  1. Id be interested in the middle-left one please
  2. If you find it let me know how much you want and we can arrange it
  3. I am in the search of the Primaris apothecary base for my kitbashed Drukhari Archon. I'm ofcourse willing to pay but absolutely refuse to buy the entire mini when all I want is a dead primaris
  4. Longshot, but Im looking to get a hold of Drazars' pony tail (that sounded wrong) for a kitbash project for a Harlequin troupe master I have paypal and am fully willing to pay. Help a kitbasher out please!
  5. Not painted yet but here's my kill team leader
  6. Random request here, but Im looking for some 32mm bases, I just have 28mm ones and it feels like it gives me less chance to make fun basing
  7. Glad you got the wings. Have fun!
  8. Base made from cardboard cut up into fun shapes and painted to look bone like
  9. So I'm probably going to strip and repaint the dire avengers and weapon platform, they don't go with any other part of my team
  10. Bitzbox messed up my order so does anyone have the Swifthawk Agents Shadow Warriors Torso Front Swifthawk Agents Shadow Warriors Cloak
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