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Which Lore?

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Having some waffling on which lore for a proto OFCC


This is the basic.list


Wizard Lord, Level 4

Arch lector

Captain BSB

Warrior Priest

Witch Hunter


50 Halberds, FC

5 archers

5 archers

10 archers

10 crossbowmen

10 crossbowmen

5 Knights, GW, musician

5 knights, GW, Musician

5 knights, GW, Musician


40 Greatswords, FC




Steam Tank


Thoughts? Other note is the list to OTT?

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If the Lector is on a Pope Mobile, standard choice would be Light and then try and ram through double Banishments, though you don't have the other dinky light mages to boost it's strength to really push it up.


Seems like you want to engage but on your terms. Aside from Light, I'd consider Shadows and Death. Shadows gives you debuffs to let that human stat go farther. Death lets you go after enemy characters to weaken the line or monsters you don't want to engage.

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