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First game with Dwarfs!

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Unit						Models		Point Cost
Dwarf Lord					1		145
	Shield Bearers						40
	Rune of Stone, Rune of Warding x3			50
	Great Weapon						6
Thane Battlestandard				1		90
	Shield, Rune of Fortitude x2, Rune of Stone		58
	Rune of Speed, Rune of Cleaving				15
Runelord					1		120
	Anvil of Doom				170
	Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone			30
	Shield, Great Weapon					9
Runesmith					1		60
	Great Weapon, Rune of Stone, shield			14
Dwarf Warriors					30		240
	Full Command, Great Weapon				90
Longbeards					30		360
	Full Command, Shield					60
	Rune of Slowness					35
Thunderers					12		144
	Musician						10
Quarrelers					12		144
	Musician						10
Hammerers					30		420
	Full Command						30
	Rune of Damonslaying, Master Rune of Stromni Readbeard	100
Gyrocopters					2		160
	Brimstone Guns				
Cannon						1		120
	Rune of Burning						5
Grudge Thrower					1		80
	Rune of Penetrating					40
Organ Gun					1		120
	Rune of Accuracy					25

So above is my list, I played against Orcs and Goblins and it really doesnt matter what was in his list, the dice hated him. So my thougths on what I had and how it went down  are this:


Shieldbearers: Gold. I loved these guys before, but that +2 wounds just takes it home.


Anvil of Doom: As suspected it is not a great magic phase you get from this.My opponent started with a level 4 and level 2, my first magic phase gave me nothing. After my cannon sniped his Level 4 I started to get results in the phase. It was nice to be able to add an armor point to units, though not game changing, the rest of my dice went to blasting support units which was really handy. I found tossing lots of dice at one spell, wasted off the opponents dice, then you can leisurely cast the other spell. Usually it was big dice on the blast, cause it was harsh enough that it always prompted a dispel attempt. The verdict is still out on if it is worth the points, but it did a decent job this game.


Warriors: I did not get a chance to use any new rules with them, I did forget their +1 Strength on their one charge (which they got netted for -1 Strength)


Longbeards: Solid choice as always. I did forget to use my rune of slowness when charged by a chariot however... but then I forgot to automatically chase him when he fled... so I guess that evens out.


Thunderers/Quarrellers: Pretty much the same as ever. With the heavy armor and shieldwall rule however I am thinking I should add shields.


Hammerers: And I thought they were nasty before! I kinda miss the immune to fear/terror... but oh well.


Gyrocopters: I tried out the brimstone gun. While decent, I only managed 3-4 shots between the two each turn... this translates into 1-2 wounds... Kinda nice, but the spent the whole time slowly whittling down a boar boy unit and nothing else. I think I'd have been better off with the Steam gun. I also kinda spaced the bombs until later and didn't get to try them out.


Organ gun: This is pretty nice. taking negatives to hit kinda sucks, but it still deals out decent punishment. I think the rune of Accuracy (or a master Engineer) is pretty much a must have for it though.

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you unfortunately are not participating, therefore you are kind of like the French. And the the French don't matter. :)

I actually plan to participate... I am going to run through the room midway through the second game flipping over tables and punching people, all the while screaming that ....




W4RH4MM3R 1S RU1N33D!!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!

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