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Ork Pozer Boyz (40k army blog)


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Finally broke down and picked up some orks for an idea I had a while back. Concept is that my Exorcist SM (DA rules) have "acquired" a cult following of orks in one of their campaigns. The orks style their tanks and armor to "pose" as Exorcist SM .


I'll be taking 'eavy armor ork boyz with shootas in positions to mimic my marines. Armor will be shoody copies of my SM color scheme. I'll stick with the Exorcist "horned" skull logo, which should be easy with the ork skulls already on most things. I'll have a battle wagon "land raider" and a burna-bomber painted to look like the nephlim jetfighter.


Pictures posted when I have things to post.


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Land Raider's gotten a bit silly. Concept is hull rapid weapon with side sponsons with main weapons, then three access points. Orks can't do it perfect with the 'ard case making no front access point and not being able to take dual Zzap guns. Presently, I've got the killacannon as one sponson and 4x big shootas in the front. I've been debating between a kannon and a Zzap gun for the other sponson. 


On the top, I've got the starts of a billboard mount...


The back has a "porch" from a basilisk that leads out from the rear access point. I need to find the ladder bit and a few other bits for that one. Entire bottom is two RT rhinos converted "together."


Anyway, the promised photos:








Not done yet at all, but progress...



Don't forget yer shoulda pads, boltas and lamb raida's (for when the lambs get unruly)

Been debating if the orks might misunderstand the concept and think "Exorcists" is "X" or "sists" which looks probably something like "X-ur-ZIZT"


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Oooohhh axe-ur-ziz! More axe=betta

Ah, nice.


And the ork "axe" is a choppa. So "choppa-ur-ziz"


Could also go with pictograms, rather than letters. Like an axe picture then "-ur-" and "ziz"


More I think about it, Ziz would probably write Zz.


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