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H: $$$, stuff W: Juan Diaz Seekers n' Demonettes


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So I need some more Demonettes to match the 30 I have. I value them at about $8 a piece, not the ridiculous $10-15 people want in eBay. 

Also need one tail for a seeker, but most likely that won't happen so I need one complete seeker. Or 5. Maybe 10. Regardless, I value those at about $8 as well.

I also have some random things, so if your looking for something, just ask. I might have it.

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16 hours ago, WarlordGhrom said:

Can you post link or pic of the one you want?

I need the tail for the one in the left. For some reason I can't upload an actual photo... :/


14 hours ago, WestRider said:

Yeah, I'm really happy I was able to fill mine out when they went up on Made to Order.

Yea,me too! Although with 8th dropping, I kinda want 30 more as it seems they might be good.

1791_md-Cavalry, Chaos, Daemonettes, Daemons, Mounted Daemonettes, Seekers Of Slaneesh, Slaanesh, Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Fantasy.jpg

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