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Does Dark Elf "Manbane" cause Killing Blow on a 5+?

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Hoping this is a simple question since my last few have turned into long threads (interesting ones, mind you, but not what I intended!)

The Dark Venom poison gives an Assassin Killing Blow:


"A model with Dark Venmo has the Killing Blow special rule."

The Manbane poison gives an Assassin +1 on Wound rolls:

"A model with Manbane receives a +1 bonus on all rolls To Wound (rolls of 1 still fail)."


Killing Blow (the pertinent part):

"If a model with the Killing Blow special rule rolls a 6 to wound in close combat, he automatically slays his opponent…"

Based on that text, I would say, NO, the +1 To Wound doesn't mean he generates a KB on a 5+, because it says if he ROLLS a 6… which I generally construe to mean "unmodified roll", but...


… sadly throughout the BRB, the term "roll" is used to mean "modified roll", not "unmodified roll".  So the question still seems to stand.

I personally would say NO, but that's mainly just a judgement call, I don't see any clear evidence either way, so I'm curious what others think.

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