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Horus Heresy / 30K

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That's awesome!

Raven Guard are really cool .I look forward to seeing you're army. What's your list look like?

OFCC 30K was a lot of fun. Decent turnout and good scenarios. The entire event was loyalist vs traitors, which is great for narrative play. I think loyalist won 73-65.

There were three awards for painting/modeling, one for sportsmanship, and one for killing the most primarchs. Allan took that one home. I walked away with one of the painting awards and the Marshall Johnson award.

It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to next year's.

Also, did you hear that DMB Riders of Brohan took home the cannon this year?

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Yea, congrats to you and Allan! And to the Riders, of course.

I've been running a Decapitation Strike, mostly made out of Betrayal at Calth models.: 

  • 20 infiltrating Tacticals with Maun.
  • 10 Tacs in a Drop Pod
  • 5 Plasma Guns in a Drop Pod
  • 5 Melta Guns in a Drop Pod
  • 6 infiltrating Mor Deythan with combi-flamers in a Rhino
  • 5 Dark Furies
  • Deathstorm Drop Pod
  • Close-combat Contemptor Dread in a Drop Pod
  • Twin Kheres Mortis Contemptor
  • 5 Catiphractii Terminators with combi-meltas and a variety of other weapons

It's made for a pretty fun infantry-heavy rapid strike force. Good at surgical strikes, but not so much at protracted battles. If you ever have an interest in heading up to B'ham some Tuesday eve for a game, let me know! Joey's in the process of painting a Zone Mortalis set for me, as well.

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I've played it a handful of times, but haven't played it in ages. Not for lack of trying, though! there are a good number of people with 30k-compatible armies (orat least who are 30k-curious), but it's not being actively played too much. We had big plans for a 30k campaign last summer, but the organizer ended up getting a job instead (Eli, I'm looking at you!).

I haven't played ZM yet, but am stoked about it (both as stand-alone games and to represent the interior of a complex as part of a larger scenario). The board should also work well for Infinity.

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30k is great! ZM is pretty brutal for 30k as well! I play World Eaters and Death Guard myself. Spartan, Kharybdis pods, Angron, Butchers, and Tac spam. The whole nine yards. I didn't know if Bham had many 30k players outside a small handful. I myself always found 40k (7ed) armies playing against 30k armies had a very very bad time.  

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Jason, I still have my Raven Guard and would love to play. Still haven't painted more than two models, but ... I do have (courtesy of Joey), a fully painted custom Zone Mortalis board. Which would be perfect for either stand-alone 30k ZM, or combined with an above-ground board as part of an epic scenario.

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If you guys put together any weekend events at DK this year, let me know.

Also, we have a Horus Heresy event coming up in July in Issaquah if anyone is interested. A mix of regular and ZM games will be going on and you can sign up for either. 


Sneak Preview: The next organized narrative event, is almost locked down. Based on the level of interest, this event will include a mix of play styles & FOC’s:

Zone Mortalis
Tank Battle (Armoured Breakthrough)

A sign-up will be required to reserve L/T and play style; like so:

Jason Marcel; Loyalist, Imperial Fists
Round 1: Centurion
Round 2: Zone Mortalis
Round 3: Crusader

Players are encouraged to play different FOC’s between the three rounds. Each table will be based on the planets of the Pride World, net victories will decide what Faction holds the world moving into Chapter 2.

Here’s some links for your planning purposes:

Links to NW 30K 2018 Campaign Docs

Centurion army composition:

Feel free to share your thoughts & stay tuned for more – Cheers!

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