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Magic The Gathering


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So my son asked (practically begged which is odd for him) to get into Magic the Gathering. I haven't played since 1994. So we got two starter decks and are trying to play. Damn I'm almost addicted again. But I have some questions.


First, there is still summoning sickness right? So when you place a monster unless he has haste he cannot attack till your next turn but can defend.


Second, can you block one attacking monster with multiple defenders?


Third, My son's deck has cards that ask for 'Tribute' and I'm trying to see where I am suppose to get the 1/1 counters, I'm not talking about in real life but do I have to take stats off my creatures or is there a pool of them I'm suppose to have?

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 Got back into it a couple years ago after being away since `97.(started playing during Arabian Nights)


Got all up to snuff for the 2013 cycle but didn't make any tournys just ended up playing some Draft stuff which I recommend as its the funnest and most balanced play format I think:)


Yeah the game has tons of new mechanics for the many many expansions released since the early days and really...I just don't have the motivation to try and keep up with their release rate anymore.


 Its still a great game in the context of casual play:)


 Also if you've got some good condition black border stuff from back then they may be worth a lot of money..I sold my Original Collectors edition(the squared off gold border cards) a couple years ago on Ebay for 0ver 900.00.

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Every few years one of my friends will get nostalgic about Magic and we'll play it like crazy for a few months. Most recently we played the Commander format (previously known as Elder Dragon Highlander or EDH). Since every deck has a permanent commander, they often have an interesting personality of their own. Since every card has to be unique, you get to see a lot of cards that are considered trash in normal decks.

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