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It's very fast-paced. 12 Activations each doesn't sound like much, but a lot happens during each game despite that. It is still a big limitation, tho, and Activations are definitely the resource you need to manage most carefully.

The deckbuilding is also really important. The unique cards for each Faction help them play very differently. Much more so than some of their differences in statlines might suggest.

There's a playstyle for just about anyone at this point. Magore's Fiends are probably my faves right now, but I also like going for board control with the Sepulchral Guard or sneaky shenanigans with the Skaven, and just plain brawling with the Orruks or Steelheart's Champions is lots of fun, too. The only ones I don't care for are the Reavers, but I haven't got the hang of the Dwarves or Farstriders yet.

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I second Westrider's opinion. The game plays very fast (30 to 60 min per game), but each decision if very tactical because you only get 12 activations total. Right now is a perfect time to jump in and start playing, all of the current wave of warbands are all out now. Each warband has a thing they excel in but that can be adjusted by your deck build. Some people that have played blood bowl and this game compare it to it. I think mainly because of support mechanic in this game. I am the one running Friday OFCC event if you have any specific questions please send them my way.

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6 hours ago, deadwing34 said:

Some people that have played blood bowl and this game compare it to it.

I actually have trouble going back and forth, because in Shadespire, you don't get to follow up when you drive someone back, but you can move away from them without having to Dodge.

I was discussing this with someone elsewhere, and the conclusion we came to was that while Blood Bowl is the better game overall, Shadespire is better specifically as a competitive game, largely because the shorter play time lets you do best two out of three each round, which helps even out those times when one player or the other hits the far end of the bell curve with their luck.

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