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Has anyone gotten one of those plastic armored platoons?

Brother Glacius

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To me it's give and take.  They are cheaper, about $15 less per box set cheaper. Some details are really good and some are lacking. For example, on the PIV H, the skirt hangers look better designed, the overall details are good, but the zimmeritt is lacking, it seems blocky.  It looks like the individual troops are more detailed.  The bad side to all this is the weight, or lack thereof if your used to the resin & metal figs.  Overall, the figs are good, the tanks...take a look, if you like it, go for it.  If you need weight, I guess you can add some lead to the inside of the tanks.  Me personally, I keep eyeing the T34 box set and the SU85 box set.

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As another data point.... Having painted hundreds of the OpenFire plastic figs for clients and thousands of metal figs from other blisters/box sets, I prefer the metal ones most of the time. The plastic handheld weapons seem to be more brittle and break easier when cutting from the sprue or during the cleaning stage; same for the mg42 and 34 that go with the half-tracks.  If there are mold lines I find they are a bit harder to get off with the knife then the metal with knife and file.


The detail on the plastic infantry is great though as Zeke says.  On the plastic vehicles, sometimes I find the larger flat spaces are a bit too smooth for my taste but nothing that rough primer can't fix.

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