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April 19 40k event show up and play!

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Cuz I suck at marketing and advertising...I expect people to follow consistency :)



or maybe I'm just being intentionally silly so no one else will do it.....


I think you'd have to be a recent member or living under a rock to not know about these events at this point, you've done a great job with the monthly events Corey.  You even manage to find people to run the events for you when you can't.

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      Ok cool, yes I think its a good gauge. I also think its kinda a pain in the butt, to have to run you list threw a count and try and keep things true. My lists Suck by comp standers but there still goood bug food. Just ask Shea.

      This go round, I will try a flyer, more shooting troops and some other goofy stuff tell I work out the units that preform.

And thank you for all the hard work, Corey.

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