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Crimson Slaughter project

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So yeah, I'm starting a new 40K army and the plan is to do a Crimson Slaughter force. I like renegade marines better than the legion ones so the CS appeal to me. Plus, the DV models are amazing which immediately grabs my interest. Having a new book doesn't hurt either.


I'll be putting everything up in my blog, so follow the link below for updates. I'll use this space for discussion of ideas and such though.


Topic #1 - beastmen cultists

So I'm planning on converting beastmen gors into cultists for my army. There is a blurb in the codex about horns representing power in the CS, so what better models to use for cultists than beastmen. So idea-wise, I think it is solid. However, how best to create models for this is open to ideas. Keeping things simple and cheap are a priorty.


a) use beastmen gors and slap bits and weapons on them to make them look like cultists - obviously gives a very strong feral model, however, could be lacking on the technology side. Don't want it to look like fantasy guys with guns.


b) use cultists models and do headswaps. super easy, but could easily look tacked on, and due to the single sculpts of the cultists, may be harder than it sounds due to non-multipart compatibility.


Right now I'm going forward with (a), but thought I'd see if others had ideas.


Topic #2 - "counts as" fabius bile

So this idea just hit me recently and I have to say, it sounds really cool in my head. Whether or not I could pull it off is an entirely different matter. Typically I'm all about leaving SCs out of my lists...but this idea just may make it worth it. Now honestly, it really doesn't fit with the Crimson Slaughter since they actually have a deal with FB. But I'm sure I could fit it in somewhere.


Backstory - losses start to mount up for the CS, and they need to heal/replace fallen warriors. Perhaps due to the fact that they are away from their home base, means the normal means aren't available, and they look for a radical solution. They come across a hulk infested with orks. They wipe out most of them, and capture a few, including a mad doc. Inspiration strikes and they enlist the mad doc to fix up their men. A mixture of warp and orc biology ensues.


So instead of having Fabius Bile, you have an ork mad doc. You can create "enhanced warriors" by combining CSM and orks bits. You could even go further by making Helbrutes using modified killa kans. Who knows, but it seems there are lots of options for combining the two armies to make some cool conversions. Honestly, this would probably work best for a completely stand alone army with this as its central theme. Maybe after I get my core CS done, I'll look at expanding in this direction. Lord knows I have plenty of orks to contribute. heck, you can even use regular boyz to be cultists in the army. But maybe in today's world of allies, this would be too confusing?

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Go with a).  Poke around online for not-lasguns, or just go with hth armed gors (pistols are easy to find).  Sprinkle kroot bits in with them, or just use kroot guns.



better yet

http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_87  Don't be afraid of the postage, it's not bad.


Don't spend time "converting" cultists.  Kitbashes would look just fine with more attention paid to leaders.  Just remember how many you have to make.

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