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Boardgame Night - Friday 4/11


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So We've got some tentative commitment for Game of Thrones the Board Game.


Joey, Kacy & Myself. Potentially Eli?


We need a solid 6 to make it work best from what I understand.


Who's in? Bait = I'll buy the winner's first 2 beers afterwards and player voted most devious gets a wooden dagger (a blunt one obviously...they're quite treacherous after all, now aren't they)


                  Chime in if you want some of the awesomeness!  Because ...




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O.K. Sounds Good; looks like we have 6 for GoT! I'll be down a little earlier with some things to play if anyone's around. 6:30 is probably the Latest we can Start GoT and actually finish. 3-5 hrs .....


I'll try to get some of the set-up done but no promises ;)

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Then mayhaps I will skip as well. I prefer playing board games where I can partake of booze anyway. Especially something as long running and involved as GoT. I like board game night for the lighter stuff. As it stands it appears we have 4 people available which is the least balanced/fun player count for GoT. Anyone wanna play games at my house tomorrow?

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