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Bucket of Ork Boyz?


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My boy has started an Ork army. It grew way faster than we thought as we were donated some, got some for crazy low prices and then when he won a few raffles at Glimpses and bought some more.


But what he is lacking is troops... minus about 40 gretchin, he only has 15 boyz.


So does anyone want to part with a bucket of Orks? badly painted is fine or even ones missing heads and arms (need legs though).


If looking for trade, then probably out of luck as I don't have much to trade. I have a bunch of Fantasy orcs and goblins (from 7th edition) that I would trade (not built or painted) though.


Let me know!

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Okay this is what I've got.


16 Orcs on sprue

11 Night goblins on sprue

4 newer version of boars on sprue (minus the heads for some reason)

1 Standard Bearer Boar Boy on sprue

3 Fanatics

42 Hand Weapon Orcs

13 Spear orcs

3 Orcs with standards

23 Orcs with bows

1 Orc chariot with old style boars minus the walls

12 random painted Night goblins

3 metal Savage orcs


Oh and a crap ton of bits. In the bags of bits I see a few more complete Orcs and goblins. All the weapon choices are in the bits bags so you can swap out pretty easily.

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