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Battle fortress


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27 minutes ago, Skkipper said:

I put a bid on a forgeworld battle fortress this week then realized that they don’t have matched play rules for 40k. I was hoping to bring a mobile ork army to ofcc but will have to piece together something else.

They are in battle scribe and likely for download 

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Things like Battle Fortresses, Marauder Bombers, and Titans are (in my opinion) mostly worth buying for the joy of building, painting, and displaying them more so than actually playing with them.

On the other hand, you could probably buy a second-hand Baneblade or Stormlord on eBay, then raid a Goodwill or Salvation Army's toy section for Star Wars or G.I. Joe toys to cannibalize, and mix them liberally with your Ork's bitz box and *presto!* you've got your own Battle Fortress.

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