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Sunday’s Campaign Mission!


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1. Make up Games if you can!

2. The new mission is Biotechhorde!

This will be a Biotech ore type game with the following rules.


1. Three panoplies will be on the table on the center line. One will be in the center of the table. The other two will be twelve inches on either side of the panoply in the center. 

Anybody can open a box (one time per model) with a WIP roll. Specialists can roll twice.

The contents of the box are:

roll a D20.

1-5: Heal Wound for free.

6-10: Repair one structure for free, even on previously wrecked Remotes/ Tags....

11-15: Roll on Booty Table One.

16-18: Roll on Booty Table Two.

19-20: 8 point Remote or Chaksa Aux.

2. Instead of the Biotech Virus expanding across the table, the gibbering Alien horde launches across the table from each player’s back edge.

The aliens are Extremely Impetous and Irregular with the following stats: Mov 6-4, CC 19 BS 9 PH 13 WIP 12, ARM 3, BTS 3, W 2, S 4. The aliens have Natural Born Warrior, Climbing Plus, Shock Close Combat Weapons,  and Pulsars. All models player models are considered enemies to the aliens.

At the end of each round, three aliens will spawn on the player’s back table edge in a mirrored placement to the panoplies.

Models killed by the Aliens  are at -3 to heal at the end of the game in the regeneration phase. 

3. Last week’s healing stats are still in place. 

4. Buildings, not boxes are infinitely high.

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