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WTB Space Marines starter army

Dark Trainer

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So my nephew is looking to get into Marines instead. You convinced me that Tau or Guard are not good starters. 

Looking for anything! Even older models to get started for him. Termies, tactical Marines, scouts, predator, razorback/rhinos, HQ (captain and librarian), or any other things you'd like to sell off.


Also interested in any other models, not picky at all. A bulk deal would even be good.


PM me with what you have or start a conversation. Thanks 😁

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I have a small force that would be great for a starter. It's all painted and ready to hit the table:

10 scouts, 5 termies, land raider, predator and some other goo-gah that I can't recall off the top of my head. 

PM me if you are still looking and we will take this on the down-low 😉


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